Jennifer Lopez Receives Backlash for ‘Putting Money Before Human Rights’ After Accepting $5 Million Paycheck to Perform in ‘Anti-Gay’ Dubai

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Did Jennifer Lopez just disappoint the gay community?

On Saturday, February 10, the pop star apparently “pocketed $5 million” to perform at the opening of the One&Only One Za’abeel hotel in Dubai.


After posting clips from the show on her Instagram, J.Lo received backlash from those in the LGBTQ+ community, as homosexuality is illegal in United Arab Emirates, where the resort was located.

“It’s very sad that a long-time LGBTQ ally like Jennifer Lopez is ­prepared to put money before human rights,” Gay rights activist Peter Tatche said.

“Her performance will collude with the regime’s homophobia, misogyny and generalized abuse of human rights — that’s not the kind of thing Jennifer Lopez supports. She shouldn’t be going,” he added of the star, who previously received the Vanguard Award by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for her dedicated advocacy.

Tatche explained that the government in Dubai was “using her to project a more liberal image.”

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SOURCE: MEGAJennifer Lopez is married to Ben Affleck.

“It’s a cynical exercise and it’s shameful that she is going along with it,” he concluded.

Although this performance did not get much love, as OK! previously reported, while being the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on February 3, Lopez was praised for her show despite having a beauty malfunction.

When singing “This Is Me … Now” and “Can’t Get Enough” off her upcoming This Is Me … Now album on the NYC stage, fans noticed how the celeb seemed to accidentally rip out one of her hair extensions during a dance break.

Following the episode, one user tweeted “Not Jennifer Lopez literally snatching her own wig off,” with a clip of the incident.

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SOURCE: MEGAJennifer Lopez attended Paris Fashion Week in January.

In response people gushed over the way Lopez soldiered on amid the difficulty.

“What a performer, shake it off and keep on!” one person penned, as another raved, “The show must go on. JLO ate up that performance.”

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SOURCE: MEGAJennifer Lopez recently performed on ‘SNL.’

A third called the 54-year-old “a beast on stage,” while another added, “Exquisite woman. Well handled. She looks amazing.”

“Absolute professional,” a fifth user wrote, while a sixth stated, “Jennifer Lopez losing a hair extension mid-SNL live set and dancing it off and then it’s still onstage and the dancers are kicking it? A vibe.”

Others mentioned Lopez’s alleged diva-like attitude, with someone joking, “Some hairdresser is gonna get it,” while a second said, “It was probably falling off…someone got their pink slip…”

The Sun reported on Lopez’s performance and Tatche’ remarks.

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