Doja Cat revealed about the painful surgery process…

Doja Cat is recovering after going under the knife — and she’s giving fans all the details.

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The rapper recently revealed that she underwent a breast reduction and liposuction earlier this month and is now several days into her recovery.

A closeup of Doja

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“Got my titties done and my clit bedazzled,” Doja jokingly wrote on her Twitter.

As for how she’s doing, she added, “[It] feels ok. i got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much. but im healing really fast.”

While most fans assumed that she had gotten breast implants, Doja clarified that she’d actually gotten a reduction and is now a size 32C.

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The rapper first mentioned that she had plans to get plastic surgery last year while talking with fans on Twitter.

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“I’m literally about to get surgery this winter lmao,” she said, later adding, “I just want my titties pulled up cuz some of my tops don’t fit the way i want them to.”

While she still has about three months of recovery ahead of her, it’s clear that Doja’s pretty pleased with the results already.

A closeup of Doja

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“Wish i could suck my own titties thats how good they look rn god damn,” Doja wrote.

Love that new confidence for her! Hoping the rest of Doja’s recovery is speedy!

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