“It’s very personalized”: Jennifer Lopez Backtracks on Her One Habit That Might Endanger Ben Affleck’s Life After His Years of Struggle That Forced Him to Leave Batman

"It's very personalized": Jennifer Lopez Backtracks on Her One Habit That Might Endanger Ben Affleck's Life After His Years of Struggle That Forced Him to Leave Batman

Batman star Ben Affleck and singer/actor Jennifer Lopez’s relationship has got quite the prominence in the tabloids as the frontline celebrity couple has appeared in public on several occasions. The one fairytale relationship between the duo was followed closely for 20 years, before they finally tied the knot in 2022.

Jennifer Lopez and ben Affleck
For Affleck, he has struggled with his drinking habit in the past and Lopez is far from quitting. Reportedly, his alcohol issues and his divorce from Jennifer Garner are some of the prime reasons that forced him to leave his Batman movie.

Ben Affleck’s Long-Faught Battle With Alcohol

Ben Affleck as Batman
Actor/director Ben Affleck has a lot on his plate after the inception of their production company, Artists Equity with his long-time friend Matt Damon. The actor has been busy with back-to-back movies like his most recent appearance in Air (from Artists Equity) and as Batman in DC’s The Flash— probably his last movie as the Caped Crusader aka Bruce Wayne. The actor rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez in 2021. However, one serious issue remained, and it was Affleck’s drinking habit.

The actor has been candid about his struggle with alcohol and it is no secret that he has been fighting the battle to be sober for years. The actor also publicly revealed that he inherited the alcohol issue from his family and it evolved over the years. The actor has been to rehab many times. As per reports, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner took the Air actor to a 40-day treatment facility in 2018. But being sober was not easy for the actor as he was spotted intoxicated a few times on cameras. However, the Gone Girl actor never stopped fighting his battle with alcohol and started helping people who have faced similar issues.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Alcohol

Ben Affleck and Jennifer LopezBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Unlike Affleck, Lopez is far from quitting alcohol despite the Deep Water actor’s trouble with it. On top of it, the Hustlers actor launched her new alcohol line in April 2023. It was surprising, indeed. Her alcohol line, The House of Delola LLC serves ready-to-drink premium cocktails. The brand seemed to be her passion project as the actor named it after her household name Lola, which is Delola in Spanish. Lopez once said that the brand represents the “fun side of who I am.”  Also, the design of the bottle shows a male and a female lion, signifying the couple’s zodiac sign, Leo. “It’s very personalized, really authentic to me and what I love,” Lopez said of the design.

Earlier, the actor has been candid about her dislike of alcohol, but eventually, she started to have fun with an “occasional cocktail here and there.” Recently, The Mother star posted a video of herself while visiting a liquor store for a Delola alcohol. Lopez has been drinking occasionally “over the past 10 maybe 15 years,” she revealed in the video, but she has assured that she always drinks responsibly. J-Lo also mentioned that she drinks alcohol for occasional fun not “to get s***faced.” 

Both the stars have been busy with their upcoming projects and there is no recent report of Affleck turning to alcohol again.

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