Ben Affleck Looks Happier Than Ever With Jennifer Garner After Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Used Matt Damon to Repair Her Troubled Marriage

Ben Affleck Looks Happier Than Ever With Jennifer Garner After Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Used Matt Damon to Repair Her Troubled Marriage

It is well known that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have one of the most enduring friendships in Hollywood. They have worked together on several noteworthy projects over the course of their careers and have also been supportive of each other’s personal lives. Damon even attended Affleck’s wedding to Jennifer Lopez last year.

The three are close friends, and it is recently reported that The Voyage of the Mimi actor and his wife have even assisted Damon, who allegedly got some issues in his marriage.

Damon and his wife were reportedly “speeding toward a split,” but Affleck and Lopez intervened and suggested therapy. However, The Mother actress was also said to have vowed to maintain her marriage despite alleged conflicts.

jennifer GarnerFormer couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
On the other hand, according to recent reports, Affleck was recently seen in a happy mood while reuniting with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and their three kids on Thursday in Florence, Italy.

Ben Affleck Was Happy To Meet Jennifer Garner And Kids

Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner first met on the Pearl Harbor set, the former couple’s relationship did not start until four years later. They met while co-starring in the 2003 film, Daredevil. By 2004, their friendship had developed into something more romantic. The ex-couple welcomed their three children, after getting married in June 2005.

Despite having many wonderful times together during their ten-year marriage, they ultimately made the decision to separate in 2015, and their divorce was finally finalized in 2018.

As per recent reports, Affleck appeared to be in good spirits as he reunited with Garner and their three children on Thursday in Florence, Italy.
Ben Affleck Was Happy To Meet Jennifer Garner And KidsBen Affleck Was Happy To Meet Jennifer Garner And Kids
The Accountant star was seen walking across the tarmac with his arms open wide as his son Samuel Garner Affleck, ran to meet him. Affleck’s daughters also welcomed him after the father and son shared a tender embrace.

The 50-year-old, who was dressed in tan pants and a navy button-up, seemed ecstatic to have made amends with his children. The actor finally approached Garner, who was also smiling.

The former couple, who were married from 2005 to 2018, seemed to have a passionate discussion for almost thirty minutes before giving each other a final hug.

Screenshot 2023 08 05 134051

As 51-year-old Garner went on her own to go window shopping, the Oscar winner left with their three children. The 13 Going on 30 actress was then captured inside a bookstore before grabbing a bite to eat. She was dressed casually in a striped shirt.

Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Wants to Repair Her Troubled Marriage with Ben Affleck 

It is common for celebrities to experience marital problems with their partners, but this does not always imply that their relationship will end. Everything depends on the individual and how they manage their relationship issues in the face of difficulty. This is similar to the case of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s alleged troubled marriage.
Ben Affleck And Jennifer LopezBen Affleck And Jennifer Lopez
Speaking of reportedly renewing their vows again, a source told the Daily Mail that Lopez and Affleck intend to do so to demonstrate that they are “in such a great place romantically and emotionally” and that they “are not taking this second chance for granted.” 

Recently, Lopez assisted Matt Damon, Affleck’s close friend, in resolving his marital conflict.

Lopez and Damon have always had a tense relationship, but the actress still tried to support the actor during his marital difficulties. Sources claim that, in contrast to Affleck, who only wanted to see his friend happy in life, the motivations behind her help were somewhat different. As per the source:

“Jennifer wanted Matt to get into counseling, too, though her reasons were a little selfish! She hoped Matt would shed the bro behavior he shares with Ben and start paying more attention to his own wife. As for Matt, counseling is not only saving his marriage to Luciana. It’s thawing the freeze that existed between him and Jennifer, so he and Ben can be best buds again.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer LopezBen Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
It seems as though The Wedding Planner actress is giving her all to her marriage to Affleck and would go to any lengths to mend their strained relationship

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