Years After Going Bankrupt, Close Aid Reveals Major Role Mike Tyson’s Wife Lakiha Spicer Played in His $160 Million Success.

Mike Tyson had amassed over $400 million of fortune at the peak of his career. However, he gradually lost everything in 2003 and had to declare bankruptcy. This was a major setback in the legendary boxer’s life, and he knew he needed to make major amends in his life. Eventually, with sheer will and resilience, he stood back on his feet again, but there was one more person who guided his path at every step. Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Spicer, never left his side even in his darkest days.

Moreover, it won’t even be a stretch to say that ‘Kiki’ has a major role to play in the current $10 million net worth of Mike Tyson. Mainly because she’s the reason behind the flourishing cannabis business of ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. In a recent conversation, the CEO of the $160 million business revealed how Mike Tyson’s wife played a huge role in the initiation of their partnership with ‘Kid Dynamite’.

The woman behind the reclaimed success of Mike Tyson; Lakiha Spicer.

Mike Tyson and Lakiha Spicer are the parents of two children, Milan and Morocco, in their marriage of 14 years. Since 2009, Spicer has been the backbone of everything that Tyson does. In addition to being part of ‘Iron’ Mike’s personal life, she also manages the businesses run by Mike Tyson quite well. She handles the sponsorships and the scheduling of Tyson’s podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. So, it begs the question, does she have any involvement with Tyson 2.0 too?

This conundrum was solved by Adam Wilks, the CEO of Tyson 2.0’s parent company, Carma HoldCo. Speaking to EssentiallySports, Wilks revealed, “I’d say she’s heavily involved. She’s really managing Mike’s side of it. All the approvals, any use of Mike’s likeliness, his imagery, she’s on there. So I’d say Kiki’s extremely hands-on than ever. I mean she’s incredible to work with. I mean she helps me every day so I mean, a beautiful person. Great to have her onboard. Looks out for Mike better than anybody else, so I mean I respect her for that. She’s just an amazing mother. She’s overall, great mother, great wife, great businesswoman. So yeah a big fan of Kiki Tyson.”

Moreover, many fans may not be aware that she was also one of the major reasons behind the initiation of the Tyson 2.0 company. Interestingly, she was the one who told her husband, Mike Tyson, about the two gems, Adam Wilks and Chad Bonstein.

Lakiha Spicer introduced her husband to Carma HoldCo’s co-founder.

Mike Tyson now has a firm foothold in the cannabis business. Since 2021, the Tyson 2.0 has reached a total of 24 states, and has continued to make major developments moving forward with their agenda. A year ago, Mike Tyson sat down with New Cannabis Ventures and talked about how, at first, he was skeptical about this line of business. However, everything changed when he met Chad Bonstein, the president and co-founder of Tyson 2.0’s parent company, Carma HoldCo.

In the interview, Tyson talked about how he got introduced to Bonstein, he said, “I believe I met him through my brother-in-law and Kiki, my wife. They told me that these were the guys you could work with. We had a situation before we met Chad and Tyson 2.0, and so my brother-in-law and my wife was explaining that this is the right way to go and they were telling me about the background of Chad and Adam.” In the end he added, “So I’m just happy to meet these guys.”

Now, the business has reached great heights, all because Spicer took the time to associate with the right people, Chad Bonstein and Adam Wilks. For that reason, he remains grateful to his wife and even regrets fighting with her in the past. Well, now Tyson feels blessed to have great people around him, and the fans may hear even greater things regarding the upcoming business plans of Tyson 2.0. What are your thoughts about this? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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