Why Jake Paul will be fuming that KSI vs. IShowSpeed agree to ‘fight’ on December 15

Why Jake Paul will be fuming that KSI vs. IShowSpeed agree to 'fight' on December 15

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KSI and IShowSpeed have agreed to spar each other for charity on December 15, which will anger Jake Paul.

A sparring bout between KSI and Speed will take place on December 15, with the proceeds going to charity.

It comes after the American YouTuber called out his fellow influencer, with Speed vowing to beat the British star.

They’ve agreed to meet in the ring, which is bad news for Paul’s fight against Andre August.

KSI vs. Speed will take place at the SAME TIME as Paul vs. August.

Image: IShowSpeed
Image: IShowSpeed

The spar will take place on a live stream on YouTube at 4am (UK time) – the expected ring-walk for Paul versus August.

Paul, who is coming off a victory over ex-UFC star Nate Diaz, opted to face a boxer in his next bout, having fought a slew of former MMA fighters.

But tickets for Paul vs. August are proving hard to sell, which does not bode well for viewing figures.

It’s now going head-to-head with KSI vs. Speed in what could be another blow to the contest.

According to the KSI vs. Speed poster, all donations and YouTube Ad Revenue will be donated to the Anthony Walker Foundation.

KSI’s decision to spar Speed at the same time as Paul’s next match is on purpose as the pair have exchanged words over the years.

A showdown between KSI and Paul has been mooted but has yet to come to fruition.

‘The Problem Child’ has said he’d be willing to make KSI the A-side and give him home turf while selecting a weight of 185lbs to make the fight happen.

“You can be the A-side, we can do it on your home turf. 185lbs,” he said. “What’s the excuse? Where is the negotiation getting stalled at?”

But the 26-year-old isn’t convinced the PRIME owner wants the fight.

“All of this has always depended on KSI and him actually wanting to do this. He just hasn’t wanted to,” he added.

“I think the [Tommy Fury] loss, and how badly it hurt his ego… kind of just shows, if he’s that salty about that loss, if he would lose to me, it would be the end of his entire world. I don’t think he’s ready for that mental burden and risk everything to fight me.

“I just don’t think he’s going to come back to the boxing ring. He’s playing video games, doing reaction videos, while I’m sparring world champions.”

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