The real reason Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship is 100% genuine

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have stepped out hand-in-hand in New York City two nights in a row, with Swifties going absolutely wild over the intimate displays.

Heading out for a Nobu date before their appearance on Saturday Night Live, Taylor and Travis thrilled the world when they were spotted holding hands. But there was another detail that caused fans to lose it, with many claiming they’ve spotted the real reason the couple’s romance is genuine.

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Travis Kelce touched Taylor Swift’s waist in a gentle and intimate way as she got out of the car 
GC Images)

In photos and videos circulating social media, Travis can be seen walking around a car before helping the Anti-Hero hitmaker out of it. He seemingly pushed away Taylor’s bodyguard before touching her waist in a gentlemanly way, which has now caused Twitter, now known as X, to explode with excited fans.

“He is being a gentleman to Taylor and caring for her heart,” penned one fan, who was reacting to the video of the smitten pair. Another then said: “The way how Travis Kelce grabbed Taylor Swift’s waist.” And a third added: “She deserves to be treated as the queen she is, and he knows.”

“You should take a look at how Travis pushed away the bodyguard and touched Taylor’s waist,” wrote a fourth. A fifth then said: “Not me losing my damn mind over how good Travis and Taylor look at 3am. THE WAY HE GRABS HER WAIST HELPING HER OUT OF THE CAR I CANNOT.”

Fans are going crazy over the new public displays of affection 
GC Images)
While someone else gushed: “Taylor is so kind, genuine, giving, caring, empathetic, and loving. She deserves someone who reciprocates all the wonderful traits she embodies. I feel like Travis is that.”

This comes after a source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple “looked very comfortable and happy together” at the SNL afterparty they attended on Saturday night. “They were kissing openly and weren’t shy with their PDA [public displays of affection].”

The source also spoke of how Travis appeared to give Taylor forehead kisses and hold her hand frequently rather than “making out”. They then gave an insight into how protective Travis is of Taylor. They spilled: “At one point, he actually told her security guard that he could step aside, like he’d take it from here.”

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