Taylor Swift ‘coaching’ Travis Kelce to ‘monetise’ their ‘real relationship’

While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in a “real relationship”, it is likely Taylor is teaching her new boyfriend how to capitalise off the new found attention, a PR expert claims.

Travis filed recently for five trademarks, including “Travis Kelce,” “Flight 87,” “Alright Nah,” “KillaTrav,” and “Kelce’s Krunch.” Eric Schiffer, chairman of the Los Angeles-based firm Reputation Management Consultants, told The Sun: “For all we know this is Taylor coaching Travis on how to monetise because this is someone who likes to uplift her partners.”

Eric does believe the relationship is real and, as a result, she’s helping him find “greater control” before people may try to “hijack his brand” now that he’s linked to Taylor. He said: “He can shut down a lot of things if he has trademark control.”

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While some people earlier in the relationship speculated otherwise, he doesn’t think they’ve ‘hoodwinked the public.’ Eric said: “It’s a modern-day Disney-like romance that involves a football star with charisma and a megastar music icon that has a character that makes young people look up to. And they’re falling in love in front of our eyes in a way that’s both magical and able to navigate the intense scrutiny that comes with being in the media spotlight.”

Travis has been navigating the media in his own way. The NFL star has an ongoing podcast with his brother, Jason Kelce. On the podcast, has has discussed his relationship with Taylor multiple time, but typically kept the conversation vague. Eric explained: “He doesn’t take any of it too seriously. He’s playing a conservative game with the media in that he’s allowing them to get a little taste but he’s created a boundary that’s respectful, in part because of his relationship with Taylor, but also, I think, to protect his family.”

Eric commended the football player’s understanding of the “workings of media,” saying he has “natural charisma.” While up until he’s been secretive about their relationship, Taylor appeared to set the record straight when she publicly kissed him at one of her concerts. Up until then, he was respectively quiet about their dating life. “I expect that this will continue and that Taylor may have met her match,” Eric said.

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