Shocking statement Jake Paul teases the fight between his father and John Fury ahead of the blockbuster Tommy Fury match (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: Jake Paul teases fight between his dad and John Fury ahead of blockbuster Tommy Fury showdown

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Jake Paul hasn’t ruled out the possibility of his dad taking on John Fury in the boxing ring – and neither did his dad.

On Sunday Jake Paul will go head-to-head with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia in one of the most eagerly-anticipated boxing matches of recent times.

Despite boxing purists turning their noses up at the meeting between the former YouTuber and former reality TV star, the bout is set to be watched by millions.

On Thursday SPORTbible spoke to Paul in an exclusive interview, and the American wrapped things up by teasing another potential fight involving the Paul and Fury families.

Jake Paul says exactly when he’s going to knock out Tommy Fury
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Paul was asked whether there is any chance of his dad, Gregory Paul, fighting father of Tommy Fury and former professional boxer John Fury.

Greg has recently been training in the gym and in the ring, but Paul wasn’t sure if his dad will be turning pro any time soon.

Maybe,” he laughed, “I think my dad is doing it for fun for now but we’ll see what happens.”

Paul senior clearly wasn’t happy with his son’s lack of faith in his abilities though, as seconds later Paul interrupted the next question by saying: “Uh-oh, here he comes!”

Greg walked up behind his son, and in full view of the camera pulled his shirt sleeve up and tenses his bicep.

“There’s some fun,” he said, suggesting that perhaps his training and boxing aspirations go a little further than being just a hobby.

Paul then told his dad: “They want to know who you’re going fight,” but Greg said it was up to his son.

Jake has won all six of his professional fights since he started boxing in 2018, while Tommy is undefeated in eight bouts.

John Fury has been vocal in his criticism of the Paul family, so a future meeting between the two dads certainly shouldn’t be ruled out.

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