Mike Tyson on Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury: “We gonna shock the world, if he hits him it will be a knockout”

Mike Tyson’s legacy in heavyweight boxing is iconic, mainly due to his achievement of becoming the youngest world champion in the division’s history.

His reputation as a powerful puncher and swift mover allowed him to secure 44 knockouts out of 50 wins, with 35 of those victories occurring in the early rounds. Notably, Tyson successfully defended his title nine times during his tenure in the heavyweight division.

Recently, Tyson was enlisted by MMA star Francis Ngannou to assist him in preparing for his debut in professional boxing. This endeavor is made particularly challenging as Ngannou is set to face the undefeated world champion and namesake of Tyson’s legend, Tyson Fury. Despite skepticism from many quarters, with few believing that a former UFC champion could transition effectively to boxing, Tyson exudes confidence in his new trainee.

In a conversation with ES News, Tyson commended Ngannou’s training progress as “beautiful” and confidently asserted that they were poised to “shock the world.”

Tyson hinted that if Ngannou manages to connect a punch, it could potentially result in a knockout, adding to the intrigue surrounding the crossover bout.

Is Iron Mike just trying to drum up promotion for Fury vs Ngannou?

Consensus says this fight should be a mismatch. After all, Ngannou is still a novice who shouldn’t be able to compete with an elite amateur heavyweight let alone the best heavyweight boxer in the world. However, his great punching power is what makes things interesting. If Ngannou is skillful enough to capitalize on a Fury mistake, who knows what can happen?

But, again, simply having a nuclear weapon is an altogether different circumstance than being able to deploy it.

Tyson Fury’s decision to face Ngannou has attracted criticism from both boxing fans and fellow fighters, as it implies that Fury might not defend his WBC world title in 2023. This crossover event will be recorded in the professional records of both fighters and promises substantial earnings as they collide in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

If Tyson’s prediction materializes, it could be one of the most monumental upsets in boxing history. Such an outcome would prompt Fury to provide explanations for his performance, leading to a significant decline in his reputation. However, the majority of the sports community views Tyson’s claim with skepticism, with Fury expected to maintain his undefeated record and proceed to engage in more conventional heavyweight clashes in the future.

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