‘Mike Tyson has more chance of beating Fury than Ngannou’

Mike Tyson has more chance of beating Tyson Fury than the man he’s training, former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

That’s the view of several media and fans after witnessing Ngannou trying to box at a media day to show off his ‘skills.’

Ngannou signed up to face one of the best boxers this generation has to offer. He even enrolled Mike Tyson to give him tips on how to win.

The move irked Fury, who was named after “The Baddest Man on the Planet” after being born weighing only a pound in weight.

“I think that it’s sad [that Mike Tyson is training Ngannou], actually,” Fury told Sky Sports. “The man that I’m named after, a legend, has to go against me, for one, and then come out as a loser, for two, having lost to a man he was named after.

“I think it’s sad. I think that he should be in my corner, not the losing corner. But business is business ,and I understand that it’s strictly business.

“No matter what he teaches this fella, no matter how much boxing training he does or whatever, everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.

“I’m not sure who said that, but I know that’s true. They’ve all got plans until they get smacked in the mouth.”

Tyson Fury on Mike Tyson

On why Tyson accepted the job, Fury added: “I don’t know. I must have said something to offend him.

“I haven’t spoke to him, but it must be that I’ve outdone him, longer-reigning champion than he was. Maybe he’s upset about that. I don’t know.”

Ngannou cut an excited figure as he went through his paces. The former MMA star believes he can create history by defeating Fury. Not many others do, though.

“I am very excited. I’m very happy. I have been dreaming of becoming a boxer since I was a kid. And today, I’m not just going to box; I’m going to box the guy at the peak of the mountain.

“Usually, I would not pay attention to what is going around. But this thing is so big that I can’t stop thinking about it. History is going to be made.”

On landing the Fury fight, he concluded: “It’s something that I didn’t see coming, even though my dream was always there. I always hoped for it to happen some day.

“But I didn’t see it lay out this way as one of the biggest events of the world. This is not just a fight. We are going to open up Riyadh Season.

“So, it is a cultural event that we are fighting on. And we’ll just make this fight bigger and bigger.

“Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen, but what I do know for sure is that I’m going to be out there hunting for that guy’s head to take it off. I can guarantee that.”

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