Mike Tyson has already shown Francis Ngannou how to KO Tyson Fury: ”We gonna sho ck the world, Francis Ngannou is the greatest fighter in the world”.

Legendary heavyweight champion Tyson has spent time with both Fury and Ngannou, once showing the former UFC star how to stop his rival in a boxing ring.

Mike Tyson has already shown Francis Ngannou the key to beating Tyson Fury in a resurfaced social media video showing the heavyweights working through techniques.

Legendary heavyweight champion Tyson is a known fan of both men, having welcomed both to appear on his podcast Hot Boxin’ over the years. But with Ngannou, who at the time was pursuing his UFC gold, he offered a few techniques that could come in useful in a fight with Fury.

And years after that first meeting, Ngannou will get the chance on October 28 against Fury in Saudi Arabia when the pair kick off Riyadh Season in a crossover super-fight. The Cameroonian is the lineal UFC heavyweight champion, which Fury is the lineal boxing champion and currently holds the WBC belt.

In the video, shot years ago while the pair were recording another project, Tyson can be seen showing Ngannou how to move his feet before advising that “Fury punches long, so when he punches long you’ve got to throw short punches to the side and hit him around and go for big power punches to the body.”

Tyson then can be seen recalling Ngannou’s famous knockout win over Alistair Overeem, when the heavyweight landed a thudding uppercut to first become contender for the UFC belt. “You hit him a right uppercut?” Tyson asks, to which Ngannou corrects him and notes it was a left.

“As long as you have the illusion and hit him [to the body] then you can go [to the chin]. Boom! Never one punch, always more than one punch, combinations.”

Ngannou lets some of his insight be known, noting that a body shot will often instinctively make a fighter lower their guard, leaving their head open for further damage. But he is generally watching and learning from the iconic former champion, who overcame size disadvantages in almost every fight of his legendary career due to his 5’10” stature in the heavyweight division.

Tyson has recently backed Ngannou to potentially pull off the upset, noting in a chat with ES News that “I think anything is possible,” and that the underdog “Has a hard punch.”. And asked if he would coach the MMA fighter for the fight, he replied: “I would like to do that, yeah. That would be cool. I like that.”

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