John Fury reveals Mike Tyson has AGREED to fight him after meeting at Jake Paul fight in Saudi Arabia

JOHN FURY claims Mike Tyson accepted his offer of a boxing clash when the pair met in Saudi Arabia.

The two bumped into each other in February while watching Tommy Fury’s win over Jake Paul.

They warmly embraced by shaking hands with Fury delighted to have met his idol and the man he named his son Tyson after.

And now the duo could meet again in the ring with Fury claiming Tyson has accepted his invitation to fight.

He told the Mirror via “I did say to him in the podcast [not yet released] me and you should do something and fight.

“You know what he said? ‘Yeah I would love that’. When he said that to me that is the highlight of my life.

“If I can get in the ring, punch-for-punch, whatever he wants to do if I get carried out or die on a stretcher that is my life completed.

“Because who is better than a man who meant a lot to me because I named my son after him. Tyson is the heavyweight king so I think the world of him.

“He is a great guy, a man’s man with no bull**** and he has learned from his experiences knowing what people are now. He is a rough ride like me we have both learned a lot haven’t we.”

The pair recently enjoyed dinner together alongside Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora and legendary announcer Michael Buffer.

Tyson, 56, has not fought since coming up against Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout in November 2020.

But he is keen to return to the ring and admitted he would even be willing to compete in WWE.

He is even eyeing a clash with Logan Paul, claiming he would “kick his ass”.

Tyson said: “Have you ever seen me wrestle before?

“I would do it! I would kick his ass, yes I would do it. Even though I love him, though.

“This is what I found out about WrestleMania: Everybody says ‘that’s fake, that’s fake.’ But the check is real.

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