John Fury calls out KSI over £200,000 bet but doesn’t want the money for himself

John Fury calls out KSI over £200,000 bet but doesn't want the money for himself

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John Fury has called out KSI over their £200,000 bet from the fight with Tommy Fury.

Last month, before KSI’s much-anticipated bout with former Love Island star Tommy, the YouTuber turned boxer made a huge £2000,000 bet with John.

Tommy controversially won the fight as KSI claimed he was robbed.

Now, John has taken to social media to call out KSI regarding the bet the pair made. You can watch the footage below.

He said: “Mr KSI. Still no payment. What kind of a person are you, my friend?

“You’re looking like a fraudster, a fake and a waste of time…That money is not for me. I don’t want your money.”

John added: “I am going to donate it to the Cancer Research at Christie Hospital in Manchester, all 200,000 of it.

“That’s why I am not leaving it because I want to do some good in this country before I die. People out there need treatment and I want to get that money off you so I can help them.

“That’s what it’s for, not for me mate because I live in the outback I’m not interested in money. But what I’m going to do is keep on you til you’ve paid so I can donate to those wonderful causes. Good day to you mate because it’s not going away. Pay up!”

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John and KSI were involved in multiple controversial moments leading up to the fight. KSI was spotted spitting towards John during the public workout.

During the weigh-in, John entered the cage and attempted to reach KSI by hitting and headbutting the screen set up to divide the pair.

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