Jake Paul gives the three conditions to fight KSI, he’s prepared to give up TWO big factors

Jake Paul gives the three conditions to fight KSI, he's prepared to give up TWO big factors

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Jake Paul has laid out the THREE conditions to fight KSI as he’s prepared to give TWO factors to make the blockbuster showdown.

Paul returns to the ring against Andre August on December 15, with footage of his opponent emerging online following the surprise announcement.

‘The Problem Child’, however, continues to be linked with a fight against KSI, who suffered a narrow defeat to Tommy Fury last month.

A clash between Paul and KSI has been rumoured as the pair have exchanged words ahead of a potential bout.

But a meeting inside the squared circle has yet to materalise, with the American laying out the three conditions to make the fight happen. Check it below:

Speaking to Ariel Helwani, the 7-1 professional boxer said he’d be willing to make KSI the A-side and give him home turf while selecting a weight of 185lbs.

“You can be the A-side, we can do it on your home turf. 185lbs,” he said. “What’s the excuse? Where is the negotiation getting stalled at?”

But the 26-year-old isn’t convinced the British YouTube star wants the fight.

“All of this has always depended on KSI and him actually wanting to do this. He just hasn’t wanted to,” he added.

“I think the [Tommy Fury] loss, and how badly it hurt his ego… kind of just shows, if he’s that salty about that loss, if he would lose to me, it would be the end of his entire world. I don’t think he’s ready for that mental burden and risk everything to fight me.

“I just don’t think he’s going to come back to the boxing ring. He’s playing video games, doing reaction videos, while I’m sparring world champions.”

KSI has hinted at retirement from boxing following his defeat to Fury, revealing he hasn’t trained since his contest.

Will he fight Paul next year? Watch this space.

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