Is it Real Love Between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? Experts Reveals STRONG Evidence to show it’s all a LIE

How do you know when it’s real love?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Not for your own relationship. (That’s a question for another column.) But as an outsider looking at a couple, is it possible to discern real love just by looking at how they interact?

For some, it was evident in the way Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs let out a joyous groan as he pulled Taylor Swift into a tight hug and kiss after his team won the A.F.C. championship over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday to reach the Super Bowl.

For others, it was clear the couple were head over heels after the pop star was seen in another clip stretching her bright red lips from ear to ear as she excitedly congratulated her boyfriend in a dense crowd of people. Amateur lip readers shared transcripts of the couple’s mostly inaudible conversation. “I love you”s were reportedly exchanged.

For Venus Cuffs, a nightlife producer and former dominatrix, the couple’s love is undeniable.

“I think it’s a real relationship, even if people think it started off as some kind of P.R. relationship,” Ms. Cuffs said on Wednesday. “I think they have genuine feelings for each other.”

The reason for her confidence? “You can tell by body language,” Ms. Cuffs said. “The way they look at each other, their eye contact, the way he touches her back — just small gestures like that.”

With the help of several camera angles and differing video compilation, fans have been analyzing the pair’s body language, many of them admitting to watching it repeatedly — some out of admiration, others skepticism. Aside from the political conspiracy theories coming out of the Make America Great Again camp, there are others who simply aren’t convinced by the couple’s public displays of affection.

Perhaps such expertise stems from our near-constant exposure to ultrafamous influencers, or maybe it’s an outgrowth of our one-sided imaginary friendships with podcast hosts. But many on social media seem to feel perfectly qualified to determine whether a celebrity couple is truly in love. Users dissect the placement of hands and the width of smiles to prove that what we perceive to be real is, in fact, real. Perhaps this way, fans can give themselves permission to bask in it? Obviously there’s no way to know what’s going on in a relationship without being in it, but nothing’s stopping the internet from speculating.

In fairness, there’s something darkly satisfying about correctly identifying the authenticity of a relationship or about predicting the end of one, especially at a time when high-profile divorces are on the rise. While it’s uncommon for people to question the authenticity of P.D.A. between two strangers on the subway, it’s less of a surprise when fans opt to indulge in such speculation when it comes to the rich and famous.

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Another couple that has spawned entire cottage industries of armchair body language experts: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Americans have long been obsessed with determining the emotions behind Mr. Affleck’s face when he’s with his superstar wife at work events, where he has occasionally been photographed grimacing or looking generally miserable. Are they happy? Many are convinced one way or another just by their mannerisms.

And when Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet stole kisses during a commercial break at this year’s Golden Globe Awards, many fans were charmed by the couple’s public displays of affection; others were unconvinced by Mr. Chalamet’s Cheshire cat grin or by Ms. Jenner’s longing gaze.

“False,” one user commented beneath a video clip showing their kiss. “As much as I’d love to believe, her body language shows otherwise. No attraction. An act.”

Inversely, one couple that has made headlines for not having the “look of love” is former President Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump, after the first lady swatted away his hand on more than one occasion when he tried to hold hers.

In November, Ms. Swift was also captured on video running to kiss Mr. Kelce after her Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires. Wearing a shimmering blue bodysuit, Ms. Swift and Mr. Kelce spun in a circle as they shared a kiss. To Ms. Cuffs, the nightlife impresario, needing to confirm that the couple are in love could also be a way for fans to show their loyalty and protectiveness.

“She floats like a little girl around him,” she said. “And I think Swifties were very focused on his expressions, because there’s a natural thing where fans want to make sure this guy’s not using her and look for a come-up on her name.”

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