Footage of the time Francis Ngannou met Deontay Wilder has got fans talking

Footage of the time Francis Ngannou met Deontay Wilder has got fans talking

Featured Image Credit: X/Screengrab

Footage has re-emerged of the moment Francis Ngannou met heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder – and it has got fans talking of a future bout between the pair.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Ngannou took on Tyson Fury in a heavyweight non-title boxing bout in Saudi Arabia.

The Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter took heavyweight champion Fury the distance across 10 rounds and gave a very good account of himself.

The 37-year-old dropped Fury to the canvas in the third round only to lose the fight on a split decision after two judges decided in favour of the Gypsy King in a close call.

Francis Ngannou meets Deontay Wilder in boxing ring
Credit: Francis Ngannou via X

Following the fight in Riyadh, footage has circulated on social media platform X of the moment that Ngannou met Wilder during a sparring session.

Ngannou is filmed at the side of the ring and says “hey champ” to which Wilder responds “what’s up brother”.

As the pair shake hands and embrace the MMA star replies “not much, how are you?” and Wilder says “doing alright, blessings, blessings, blessings”.

Ngannou says “good to meet you” and Wilder replies “the pleasure is mine”, before the ex-UFC fighter wishes the boxer a good training session.

Boxing fans have had their say on the footage and the prospect of Ngannou perhaps taking on Wilder in a boxing ring – and it’s fair to say it’s a thought that has excited people.

Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder.Heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder.

@UtdUnity wrote: “I would pay good money to watch this.”

@SandwichBurger1 posted: “Wilder v Francis in Las Vegas sphere. The sphere will create earth shattering energy during the fight.”

@lukethekid wrote: “Could you imagine Ngannou going in there and beating Wilder. Nuts.”

@KEV1N1STA posted: “Wanna see who’s the baddest hitter between the two.”

@johnrea57213957 wrote: “This is truly remarkable. I really think Ngannou is fundamentally a better boxer than Wilder.”

@4600sportsnutz posted: “Is this a future fight.”

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