Fans Join Mike Tyson in Splits as Video of a Cat Copying His Peek-A-Boo Style Breaks the Internet

Mike Tyson is a famous practitioner of the peek-a-boo boxing technique. The Peek-a-boo boxing style places hands in front of the face for defense. Trainer Cus D’Amato popularized it as a “tight defense.” The style focuses on aggressive counterpunching. Fighters move forward to provoke opponents and create attack openings.

Furthermore, unique features include head bobbing and weaving. The footwork aims to close distance and dominate angles. Indeed, Mike Tyson has an impeccable influence in this genre of boxing. However, looks like his effect is transcending above humans. This is because of a recent clip that has the boxing world in splits, including the legend ‘Iron Mike’ himself. This video shows a cat replicating Tyson’s style in a bout with another cat. Read to discover this hilarious saga!

Mike Tyson etching his domination in the cat world

In the video, we see a cat watching ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ on television executing his peek-a-boo style in full force. Post which, the cat fights another cat and starts jiggling his neck like Tyson. The inspiration of cat from Tyson introduced combat world to animals as well. Moreover, the video was shared by Tyson on his Instagram story as well by captioning “Real life copy cat.” Furthermore, fans have quipped with humorous comments.

While watching the video, one fan humorously questioned, “Why the f*ck am I shaking my head like that while watching the video?”

Meanwhile, another fan playfully dubbed the subject “Y’all wrong, that’s Meow Tyson,” cleverly blending humor and admiration.

Not to be outdone, a third fan chimed in, calling it “Bro is MEOWHAMMAD ALI,” adding another layer of wit to the conversation.

Transitioning to the essence of the video, another fan emphasized, “The important thing is jiggle first,” highlighting a key moment.

Also, rounding out the fan reactions, one observer noted that the “Cat unlocked a new skill,” celebrating the subject’s newfound abilities.


How Tyson’s peek-a-boo style played a pivotal role in his boxing career

Mike Tyson’s ‘peekaboo’ technique made him nearly unbeatable in his prime. The technique involves using gloves to cover the face and ducking down. It confuses opponents and stops their attacks. Furthermore, Tyson’s fight against James ‘Quick’ Tills was the first to go the full distance with Tyson, breaking his knockout streak. Despite this, the ‘peekaboo’ technique played a key role. It made it hard for Tills to land punches.

After the fight, Tyson said Tills waited for a chance to land an uppercut, which never happened. Furthermore, Tyson’s co-manager, Jimmy Jacobs, saw the fight as educational. It showed Tyson could last the full distance. Moreover, it proved the merit of the style. It showed that the style isn’t gimmick but a solid strategy that opponents find hard to counter.

Mike Tyson excels in peek-a-boo boxing. Cus D’Amato made the style famous. It focuses on defense and aggressive counterpunching. Now, a viral video shows a cat mimicking Tyson’s moves. The cat watches Tyson on TV and then fights another cat using the same style. Fans find it hilarious and have coined terms like “Meow Tyson” and “Meowhammad Ali.” The video proves Tyson’s influence extends even to the animal kingdom. It’s not just humans who admire Tyson; now, even cats do.

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