Evander Holyfield Conqueror Claims Mike Tyson Would “K.ill” Tyson Fury if They Ever Fought

When one writes boxing history, Mike Tyson’s name cannot be excluded from it. A chapter in itself, his career marks an era of heavyweight fights that saw glory and notoriety reach its pinnacle. Having fought almost all lethal opponents of his time, Mike Tyson navigated through the sport like no one could. While his graph in the boxing world kept skyrocketing with each fight he undertook, there came a night in 1997 that marked his downfall. Who could forget that fateful night of June 28, 1997.

In the second edition of their infamous fight, Mike Tyson bit off his most prominent rival, Evander Holyfield’s ear. Having met its consequences, Tyson’s story in the boxing realm saw its knell. Yet, the performances he gave before the incident marked his name forever in the list of the greats. Amidst the noise that surrounded him, he still was known for his unmatched boxing prowess. Even today, the tales of which echo throughout. So much so that his schoolmate and well-known legend in the boxing world still applauds him.

In today’s era of heavyweight champions, one name that stands out is Tyson Fury. Named after the revered Mike Tyson, Fury has managed to maintain a name in the boxing business through his boxing prowess that sends shivers down many spines. But what if he were to contest against the one he was named after? Former heavyweight champion and the one who gave Tyson’s biggest rival, Holyfield two defeats, has an answer to this proposition. Retired boxer Riddick Bowe thinks that Tyson Fury would not have survived against his ‘Iron Mike.’

A few years ago, on the Mayweather channel, Jeff Mayweather asked a series of boxers for their choice of favorite for a fight between Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury. One amongst them was Bowe. The fighter, who once demanded the respect he got through his killer jabs, said, “Mike Tyson. I think because of Mike’s speed and his punching power, as long as someone is standing in front of him, Mike will destroy them. And Fury doesn’t move! So Mike would kill him.” A popular favorite indeed, now we do know if a fight were to take place between Fury and Tyson, the former would be named the underdog.

Time Never Favored a Tyson vs. Bowe Undertaking.

Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe went to the same public school, but their paths never crossed in the boxing ring. Mike Tyson hung his gloves in 2005 and following him was Bowe in 2008. Still active in the game when the two undertook fights, why did they never fight each other? When Riddick Bowe was in his prime, Tyson spent his time incarcerated on allegations of rape. When the fighter was released, Bowe’s boxing career had begun seeing its closure.

However, a bigger reason was that ‘Big Daddy’ Bowe took retirement earlier than one would hope. The fighter started showing neurological decline really early in his career. This decline was accelerated after his infamous fights with Andrew Golota. In both their fights, Golota would take low blows at his opponent, which caused devastating damage to ‘Big Daddy.’ After the fights, Bowe decided to retire from boxing, shocking fans all over the world. He returned many years later. However, things were never the same.

In the wake of a golden era in the boxing realm, one always wonders what if Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe clashed against each other? One thing that remains certain is that the fight would mark a time when two legends would see each other off with the passion they so vehemently carry for the sport. And such an undertaking would, of course, create history.

Do you agree with Bowe’s prediction of Tyson Fury vs. Mike Tyson? Let us know in the comments section below.

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