‘Over-protective’ smotherer Kim Kardashian needs to respect her child’s wishes with ‘mommy’s boy’ Saint

‘Over-protective’ smotherer Kim Kardashian needs to respect her child’s wishes with ‘mommy’s boy’ Saint, expert says

KIM Kardashian’s role as a billionaire businesswoman looks like a breeze compared to her more important job at home.

According to a parenting expert, the reality star needs to get a grip on “rule-setting” as a mom and understand when she needs to “let go.”

9Kim (seen with Saint) should understand that her son may be conscious that his peers will see him holding hands with her, said Kirsty KetleyCredit: Splash

A parenting expert told The U.S. Sun that Saint West has started to cut ties with his mom, Kim Kardashian, and like most kids who are 7Credit: The Mega Agency

Kim, 42 told how she had taken on a male nanny to help look after her son Saint West, 7.

In an October episode of The Kardashians, she said: “It’s really hard for me to be really strict and to discipline a lot.”

The Hulu star added: “My parents weren’t strict at all and sometimes because I’m really busy, it would be amazing if I had a partner who would tap me out and take over and handle it.”

Friday saw Kim and Saint head to dinner after basketball practice.

She stood by the car with her arm stretched behind her, but Saint did not appear to reach out for it.

In other recent pictures, Kim has her hand on Saint’s shoulder.

Parenting expert Kirsty Ketley said the divorced mom-of-four should understand that Saint feels “conscious” around his friends.

Saint, who Kim shares with Kanye West, 45 is also a brother to sister North, 10, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4.

In an exclusive interview, Ketley told The U.S. Sun: “Kids want to stop holding their parent’s hand anywhere from age seven.

“Kids who are Saints age, boys and girls, all start breaking away.

“In this case and others, it is often boys who cut ties from mom soonest.

“Kids of this age are also very conscious about what their friends think of them.

“Saint is the son of one of the most photographed women in the world, so he in particular would be thinking about what people see.

“Saint may be conscious that his peers will see him holding hands with his mom.

“Saint would want to be liked and accepted by his friends.”

Kim (seen here with Saint) might be finding it hard to allow her son the independence he now needs, according to a parenting expertCredit: Splash

She suggested Kim accept what Saint asks for and adopt a natural approach when they are on the go.

“For Kim, it can be a big challenge accepting that is what your child suddenly wants, ” she said.

“This is particularly if they have always been a mommy’s boy.

“It might be hard as a mom to allow your child the independence that they are craving.

“Plus Kim is over-protective of her kids, and given their level of fame.

“She seems to ramp up the affection when she is on show and perhaps thinks she will be criticized for not showing enough.

“It is important that his parents respect their child’s wishes when it comes to physical touch of any kind.

“It is important for Kim that she goes with it and not to lay on the guilt or share any sadness that the hand holding has stopped.”

Kim (seen here with Saint) might find it a challenge to accept that her son suddenly wants his independence, said a parenting expertCredit: Splash

Interestingly, a video of the Saint getting out of the car with his friends also showed him flipping the bird to the paparazzi.

This is the second time Kim has scolded her eldest son for the same gesture.

In September, Saint flipped the bird after he left a sports game in Los Angeles.

In July, he photobombed a selfie with his mom at a soccer game in Paris.

Saint stuck his fingers in his ears and poked his tongue out at the camera.

But Kirsty noticed Kim squeezed Saint’s face in April when he sat next to her at the Crypto.com arena in Los Angeles.

Kim(seen here with Saint in April) struggled with her son at the Crypto.com Arena in Los AngelesCredit: Splash

“Kim holding Saint’s face so that he looks at her could be a mom at the end of her tether, “ she said.

“Kim was trying to ensure that her child was listening.

“Not ideal, but I imagine many moms will relate to it.

“There are better ways to get your kids to listen.

“For instance, using the right language, not nagging, and setting your expectations at the right level.

“This would be modeling listening and so Kim would be more present and listening to him.”

Kim is over-protective of her kids, and given their level of fame, said an expertCredit: Splash

Currently, Kim splits her time with her four children between her Hidden Hills mansion and a beautiful beach house in Malibu.

Ketley said Kim would need to create some normalcy at home.

“Kim does need to ensure that, away from the cameras, her kids get to have a normal life,” she added.

“This would be where they can have some independence and can be themselves.

“This would mean as they grow up they feel secure and happy in who they are.

“At the moment, Saint’s emotions are all over the place as he tries to make sense of being in childhood limbo.

“This age group means not yet an adolescent, but not a young child anymore.”

Kim (seen here with Saint in July) needs to set rules when they are out and when her son does not want to hold her hand, said Kirsty KetleyCredit: Reuters

She continued: “There should be some rule setting for not holding hands when out and about though.

“The kids must walk right by her, or always be in front of their parents so that parents can always have ‘eyes on’.

“A child needs to prove that they can do this though, so if they do not they will have to hold hands.”

Kim could have Saint always be in front of her instead of holding his hand so she would always have eyes on him, said a parenting expertCredit: Splas

Kim holds hand with her kids in 2022 but Saint already covers his hands with his clothesCredit: Splash

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