Kris Jenner’s fans discover clues that she ‘doesn’t want’ her granddaughter-in-law Alabama Barker to be involved in the ‘family brand’, reasons are gradually revealed

Kris Jenner fans spot clues she ‘doesn’t want’ grandaughter-in-law Alabama Barker involved in ‘family brand’

Fans went into detail comparing the Kardashian sisters to Alabama and found a few similarities

KRIS Jenner fans have found clues that she doesn’t want to include Alabama Barker in the Kardashian brand.

Alabama, 18, became Kris’, 68, granddaughter-in-law after Kourtney Kardashian, 44, married Travis Barker, 48, in 2022.

Kris Jenner fans found clues that she 'doesn't want' Alabama Barker involved in the Kardashian brand

Kris Jenner fans found clues that she ‘doesn’t want’ Alabama Barker involved in the Kardashian brandCredit: Hulu

Alabama became Kris' granddaughter-in-law when Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker in 2022

Alabama became Kris’ granddaughter-in-law when Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker in 2022Credit: Getty

One fan shared an Instagram comment from Alabama's recent post on Reddit

One fan shared an Instagram comment from Alabama’s recent post on RedditCredit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram
Earlier this week, a Kardashian fan shared a comment underneath the young star’s recent Instagram post and was on the hunt for other opinions on the topic that Alabama “doesn’t match” the famous family’s “vibe.”

Posted on a Kardashian Reddit forum, the comment read, “Stop blaming the Kardashians and notice how they haven’t taken her in/Kris isn’t helping her launch a career (or at least not to public knowledge).

“She would damage their brand with the mismatched foundation and ‘fashion.’ It’s not giving nepo baby, it’s giving trailer trash won the lottery.

“I’m not a hater, it’s not her fault she doesn’t know better, but I wish she would listen and get help. It’s so sad to see. Later in life when she looks back, she’s going to be messed up. You can’t say ‘Shut up she’s happy’ but she very clearly isn’t!”



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Kris and Alabama do not follow each other in Instagram.


In the comments, many critics shared their thoughts.

“I agree Kris doesn’t want her included as part of their ‘brand,’ it’s just ironic because the KarJenner brand is ‘white trash,’ the fact they think they’re better or bring something different to the table than Alabama is hilarious,” one critic claimed.

A second said, “It actually is their vibe. They’re trashy.”

“I think the Kardashian’s think they’re above it and look down on Alabama, self awareness is 0,” a third said.

Someone else commented, “It’s obvious she tries to be King Kylie, the trashy looks, hazardous business ventures in the beauty industry, stealing of fashion and/or aesthetic (majorly from black women).”

In the past, the Kardashian sisters have been called out for cultural appropriation.

A fifth replied to the comment above, “Kris would never allow competition, so she pretends she isn’t there.”


On Friday, Alabama posted a carousel of pics on Instagram of her rocking a skimpy yellow and green bikini and a colorful cover-up.

She accessorized with silver sandals and diamond jewelry, with a full face of makeup and her blond locks falling straight down.

The teenager posed, sticking her tongue out in one snap, and others captured her lounging on a yacht, putting her curvy figure on display.

“Does she know you call?” The Kardashians star wrote in her caption.


However, critics weren’t pleased with Alabama’s outfit choice, and many slammed her for seemingly mimicking African American culture.

“Ok cool, I was wondering when you were gonna cross the line into cosplaying as a black woman,” one person commented.

“Why she got on African American clothing?” questioned another.

“She really said lemme dress up for black history month,” added a third.

“Why do u pretend to be another race?” chimed in a fourth.

This isn’t Alabama’s first time being called out for cultural appropriation.

In June, the high school student raised eyebrows when she posted a TikTok video of her ditching her long blond locks for a black wig.

She again wore heavy makeup, a black, white, and red racer jacket, and jewelry.

Some accused Kourtney’s stepdaughter of blackfishing and bashed her online.

“She gets all her inspo from blk ppl,” one critic wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“And it’s annoying having you ww copy bw all the time and not give credit y’all been doing this for decades like stop,” they added.

“Culture vulture with the baby hair, mannerisms etc. I bet she speaks ebonics,” another said.

'Kris isn't helping her launch a career (or at least not to public knowledge),' the comment read

‘Kris isn’t helping her launch a career (or at least not to public knowledge),’ the comment readCredit: Instagram

Alabama received major backlash for her recent Instagram post

Alabama received major backlash for her recent Instagram postCredit: Instagram/ Alabama Barker

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