Kris Jenner shows off her post-weight loss figure in a pair of tight elastic pants when Kardashian fans suspect her mother is using the drug Ozempic.

Kris Jenner flaunts weight loss in skintight spandex pants as Kardashian fans suspect momager is ‘on Ozempic’

Kris shared photos wearing a brand that many A-list celebs wear

KRIS Jenner has flaunted her major weight loss in a series of new photos.

In the past, the Kardashian matriarch has been accused by fans of using the medication Ozempic.

Kris Jenner shared some new photos on social media

Kris Jenner shared some new photos on social mediaCredit: Instagram/krisjenner

In three photos shared to her Instagram page, the momager promoted the activewear brand, Alo

In three photos shared to her Instagram page, the momager promoted the activewear brand, AloCredit: Instagram/Kris Jenner

Kris also showed off her weight loss by wearing skintight clothes


Kris also showed off her weight loss by wearing skintight clothesCredit: Instagram/krisjenner
On Thursday, Kris, 68, shared a few new pics in collaboration with the athletic brand, Alo, on her Instagram.

Many of the Kardashian sisters – including Kylie, 26, and Kendall, 28 – have promoted the brand on their social media accounts.

In the first snap, The Kardashians star stood in front of Kylie’s famous lipstick wall at the Kylie Cosmetics headquarters.

In front of the rainbow of colors, Kris stunned in pink activewear including skintight leggings, a slim-fitted zip-up jacket, and white sneakers.

Standing in front of a bar, the second photo showed Kris in a different outfit: a long brown jacket, a black T-shirt, pants, and matching sneakers.

In the final picture, the momager wore an all-black ensemble including a sweater, leggings, and shirt.

In each snap, the Hulu personality had her makeup touched to perfection and smiled pretty in various poses.

Kris captioned her post with, “Spring color palette by Alo.”


In the comment section, fans shared their honest opinions.

“Ozempic Kris,” one fan claimed.

Kris Jenner mocked for promoting daughter Kim Kardashian’s new SKKN makeup line using an extreme filter on launch day
A second revealed, “Ozempic is amazing.”

Someone else said, “Ozempic did you good.”

This isn’t the first time fans claimed she was on the medication.


Kardashian fans spotted a concerning moment in the background of an episode of The Kardashians during the recent season.

The clip saw some of the Kardashian clan at a dinner party.

Kris was with Kylie and Khloe Kardashian, 39, raising a glass to Kylie, who claimed to: “Feel like [herself] again.”

The group around the dinner table were smiling and looking at Kylie proudly.

They all said: “Cheers,” while clinking their glasses of wine together.

Kylie said: “Love you guys.”

Khloe then replied: “Love you, proud of you.”

Eager-eyed fans took to Reddit as they noticed something strange about the clip.

A video posted on the social media platform saw the camera cut to Kris as she poured away her whole glass of red wine after she toasted to her daughter.

Everyone else around the table seemed to take a sip, but Kris did not.



Critics of the family fled to give their opinion on why this might be.

The original poster of the video said: “Why did Kris sneakily throw her wine away?”

One commenter replied: “I actually think Kris just likes to pretend she drinks a lot,

“Maybe it lets people’s guards down around her, and that’s how she has so much s**t on everybody.”

It appears the commenter was referring to the fact that Kris apparently puts out a public appearance of enjoying drinking and being social.

Somebody replied to the original comment, saying: “That’s a GOOD POINT!”

“Yep I think she’s too much of a control freak to actually drink, but she pretends to to seem fun and relatable,” replied someone else.


Others disagreed and suggested that Kris was attempting to keep her image wholesome and family-friendly.

“The fact that they kept this clip in was intentional. She’s trying to tell people she doesn’t drink when we all know that’s a lie,” wrote a critic.

Fans were divided on the issue, with some even suggesting the Mom could be expecting:

“Maybe she’s pregnant,God, could you imagine?,” this comment had plenty of mixed reactions.

“Maybe she’s a surrogate for Kim or Khloe,” another commenter suggested.

The most frequent explanation suggested that Kris was on weight loss medication that prevented her from drinking.

“Because she was on Ozempic! Ozempic mixed with alcohol worsens the side effects! BIBLE,” suggested a follower.

However, many fans accused the star of being on Ozempic

However, many fans accused the star of being on OzempicCredit: Getty

This isn't the first time fans claimed the star was on the medication

This isn’t the first time fans claimed the star was on the medicationCredit: Getty

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