KRIS Jenner shed tears in front of her daughter Kim Kardashian, fans were stunned and angry when they found out the reason


Kris Jenner breaks down into tears over daughter Kim Kardashian- but fans slam the momager for praising ‘favorite’ child

The momager has claimed Kim as her favorite child for years

KRIS Jenner has broken down into tears over her daughter Kim Kardashian leaving fans stunned over her parental favoritism.

The Kardashians star has been the center of scrutiny for years as she blatantly picks favorites among her six kids.

Kris Jenner broke down in tears on James Corden's new podcast show

Kris Jenner broke down in tears on James Corden’s new podcast showCredit: TikTok/ THISLIFEOFMINESHOW

She became emotional while listening to her daughter Kim gush over their relationship


She became emotional while listening to her daughter Kim gush over their relationshipCredit: TikTok/ THISLIFEOFMINESHOW

Fans accused Kris of showing 'favoritism' toward Kim

Fans accused Kris of showing ‘favoritism’ toward KimCredit: Getty
Kris, 68, left her fandom in shock on Thursday after appearing on James Corden’s new interview podcast series, This Life of Mine.

While on the program, the comedian revealed to the reality star that her daughter Kim, 43, was previously a guest on his show, and while there she opened up about their relationship in a candid chat.

The host then played audio from the SKIMS founder’s visit, where she gushed about her momager.

James began, “Kim was on the show. We asked her about her favorite person and I want to play you what she said.”

Kris replied, “Oh boy,” as they turned to the screen to watch the replay.

In the throwback, Kim told the English actor, “My person is definitely my mom.

“There is no one like her. We give so much love and respect to our dad because he’s not here and we honor that. But sometimes I feel that it takes away from what we would say to her,” she confessed.

At this point, Kris began to break down in tears, wiping her eyes while on camera.

Kim continued, “She deserves all the love and respect. Just loves to have a good time. Loves a good vodka,” to which her mom laughed.

“There’s no better teacher on this planet for us. She takes care of us. We take care of her.”

Kris interrupted to scold James for playing the clip and causing her to become emotional.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked, shaking her head.

Kim added, “She is the greatest mom on the planet. She’s the greatest manager on the planet. But she’s a mom first.”

After the video ended, Kris told James that her daughter’s words made her “feel so good” as she had tears streaming down her face.

“Does anybody have a Kleenex?” she asked, then again scolding James by snapping, “Little brat.”

The TV personality dabbed her eyes with a tissue, telling the comedian, “Kim is the best. There is nobody better.”


But many fans were appalled by the statement, as they took to the comments section to rip Kris for showing major “favoritism” for Kim.

“‘Kim is the best. There is nobody better.’ Yep, Kim is and always will be Kris’ number 1 girl. It definitely speaks volumes that Kim is Kris’ favorite,” one wrote.

“Yeah I always say they just run with the ‘Kylie is the fav’ because its a viral notion that the general put out after the whole billionaire thing but deep down Kim will always be number 1,” a second agreed.

“Moms always have a favorite. Maybe some don’t say it but it is what it is,” a third claimed.

“She has five kids!” another reminded.

“I thought her favorite was Kylie. It’s about whoever’s making the most money at the moment,” a fourth scathed.

“LMAOOO I’m sorry but Kris saying Kim is the best and having 5 other daughters and a son took me out,” a final wrote.

Fans have accused Kris of 'favoriting' Kim for years

Fans have accused Kris of ‘favoriting’ Kim for yearsCredit: Getty

The reality star has six kids in total

The reality star has six kids in totalCredit: E! Entertainment

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