Kardashian fans are concerned about her 10-year-old daughter North’s sudden change in behavior on TikTok

Kardashian fans are concerned over Kim’s nine-year-old daughter North’s sudden change in behavior on TikTok
KIM Kardashian fans have expressed concern for daughter North, nine, after a noticeable change to her TikTok profile.

The Kardashians star and Kanye West’s eldest child has been known for her wild videos in recent months on the social media platform.

Fans have noticed North West's absence from TikTok

Fans have noticed North West’s absence from TikTokCredit: TikTok

She shares the account with her mother Kim Kardashian

She shares the account with her mother Kim KardashianCredit: TikTok/ Kimandnorth

North normally posts daily videos to the platform but hasn't in three days

North normally posts daily videos to the platform but hasn’t in three daysCredit: TikTok/ kimandnorth

But to the surprise of fans, North has stopped posting this week, with her last TikTok shared three days ago.
Several took to Reddit to discuss the reason behind her noticeable absence.

“North (and Kim) have gone quiet on TikTok. She usually posts like 5 a day- why the sudden silence?” one asked alongside a screenshot of Kim and her daughter’s shared profile.

“Maybe Kim got called out for baiting a Kanye reaction, while also crying about their f**ked up family situation in interviews,” another suggested.

“For the love of God! Please get north (and all minor children) off of social media!!!” a third encouraged.

A fourth remarked: “I’m going to go ahead and take this as a win… I’m sorry but they are so annoying to watch and cringe ‘they’ as in the videos not North, she’s perfect but Kim is so annoying and fake.”

“Maybe she became a mother who puts the needs of her children over herself and her desire to remain famous,” a fifth guessed sarcastically.

“Maybe everyone including Kim realized how unhinged and weird the content being posted was and decided to take a break to regroup,” a final claimed.
One of North’s last posts before her mysterious hiatus was a hilarious parody using her mother’s own voice.

The young Kardashian daughter took to the video-sharing platform using a voiceover from a Keeping Up With the Kardashians interview clip.

The video showed North talking directly into the camera.

The preteen mouthed along with the audio, which featured mom Kim, 42, saying: “I pretty much started this entire family, no one would be anywhere or anything without me.”

North delivered the line while rolling her eyes and keeping a stoic look.

The video came after a series of pranks pulled on her entire family via the social media app.

Kim’s oldest closed out 2022 by playing a shocking prank on her little brother Psalm, while he was sleeping.

In the video, North focused the camera on the sleeping three-year-old while she doodled on his face with makeup.

The Hulu star scolded her daughter after she also played a “fake eyebrows” prank on her in a TikTok.

The clip started with North walking through the inside of her home as she twirled an eyebrow razor in her hand.

The annoyed Skims founder chastised her daughter, declaring: “North, this is not funny.”
Earlier in 2022, North shared a TikTok video in which she mercilessly mocked Kim, acting out an infamous TV meltdown.

In the clip, she recreated Kim’s famous yellow Balenciaga tape ensemble and lip-synced to some of her most well-known TV tantrums.

North appeared in the video wearing a black shirt and pink shorts, wrapping yellow caution tape around her chest.

She also had on a long white-blonde wig and oversized sunglasses.

Filming in Kim’s dressing room, the youngster lipsynced to her mother saying: “Hi, I’m Kim Kardashian West.”

She then pretended to cry and mimed to audio of Kim wailing: “You don’t think I feel bad? I feel sad!” from an old KUWTK episode.

North then lipsynced to: “I hate my sisters! I never want to look at their ugly faces again!”

The clip ended with North pretending to swear and lashing out at the camera as Kim’s voice could be heard yelling: “Rude!”

One of North's last videos was her imitation of Kim

One of North’s last videos was her imitation of KimCredit: TikTok

She mocked both her mother and father on the platform

She mocked both her mother and father on the platformCredit: TikTok

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