Fans were angry and accused Kim of deliberately copying Bianca’s appearance many times

Here’s All the Times Kim Kardashian Was Accused of Copying Bianca Censori’s Risque Style

Fans have accused Kim of copying Bianca many times

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by GothamKim Kardashian has been accused of imitating the risqué style of Bianca Censori, the wife of her ex-husband Kanye West, on many occasions. The Australian-born architect seems to have been the main inspiration for a number of The Kardashians star’s latest wardrobe choices, which range from skimpy bodysuits to statement headwear, per The Sun. It’s unclear if Kim, 43, and Bianca, 29 are friends or rivals, but it appears that the SKIMS founder doesn’t mind copying the Yeezy designer’s avant-garde outfits when they fit her. Kim has really been suffering with admirers comparing her to Bianca, a source told The U.S. Sun. “Kim feels like it’s open season on her and very much under fire. “Bianca is dressing like her, and stealing the spotlight from Kim – people are comparing them on social media and that has to be hard for her,” the insider said. Here are all the times Kim was called out for copying Bianca.

1. Family Dinner CopycatImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jose Perez



Earlier this month, Kim, Kanye West, 46, their 10-year-old daughter North West, and other family members were photographed leaving a posh restaurant in Malibu, California, prompting accusations that Kim was mimicking Bianca in an amazing ensemble. Kim looked stunning in a black tube top fastened with a buckle. After seeing the reality TV star’s most recent ensemble and criticizing it on a famous Reddit community devoted to the Kardashian family, some fans said Kim was pilfering Bianca’s style. The original poster said, “Her creative vision is screaming for HELP!” Another fan posted, “It’s like she wants to recall his BDSM desires by wearing weird stuff like Bianca but won’t fully commit, because it isn’t her.” Many others pointed out the similarities, “Bianca inspired much?” a fan revealed.


2. Winter outfitImage Source: Instagram | (L) @kimkardashian ; (R) @aminamuaddi




Fans criticized Kim in January for once again imitating Bianca when she sported a head-to-toe fur ensemble while on a family ski vacation in Utah. Kim accessorized with a long fur coat, fur purse, and a fur cap with flaps to conceal her ears. She wore tattered light blue pants, white Nike sneakers, and a white vest over them. In recent months, the Australian designer has been spotted many times donning a fur hat resembling this one with ear flaps. She wore the headpiece to a fashion event in Dubai in November then to a Miami restaurant a few weeks later, right before Kanye’s Vultures album listening party. “Kim’s new post is channeling Bianca,” a Reddit user wrote, while another critic said, “It’s giving Bianca.”

3. Holding ChicagoImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Raymond Hall



When pictures of Kim and Chicago appeared in December, they were accused of copying Bianca since Bianca had previously been seen holding the child. The TV personality wore sunglasses, a loose-fitting red-and-black checkered blouse, a tight white top, baggy tan slacks, and her dark hair straight down. Her kid had her wavy hair tied back and was dressed in all-pink sweatpants, a hoodie, and boots. Photographs of Bianca clutching Chicago earlier this month at Kanye’s new album launch sparked fans’ suspicions that the image was similar. On a well-known Kardashian forum, a fan connected the dots between the pictures and wrote, “Kim-cidence?” Others shared their opinions, speculating that Kim deliberately imitated the images of Bianca and Chicago. “Nope… she never brings the two youngest out and randomly carries her a few days after their stepmom does. Heck of a coincidence,” a person scoffed.

4. Buzz cut fiascoImage Source: (L) Instagram | @crfashionbook ; (R) Getty Images | Photo by Rachpoot



Kim was once more accused in September of copying Bianca. For her CR Fashion Book cover, the former E! actress debuted a daring new appearance, and fans noticed a similarity between her and Bianca. Kim, who often prefers extraordinarily long hair extensions, had her hair chopped into a buzzcut for the pictures. Bianca is known for having extremely short hair, whether it is bleached blond or natural dark brown. The model chopped off her longer hair, which resembled Kim’s when she and Kanye began flaunting their outrageous sense of style. “There’s no way it’s a coincidence!” one critic claimed. “It’s giving… Psycho ex…” said another social media user. “I can’t believe she didn’t realize the creative director did this to her on purpose to resemble Bianca,” a third said.

5. Golden BikiniImage Source: Instagram | @kimkardashian



The TV personality had shared a mirror picture earlier in 2023, showing off her form in a small gold bikini. On Reddit, perceptive users noticed the resemblance in a since-deleted photo from 2020 that saw Bianca standing in the mirror wearing an identically styled and shaded bikini. Critics said Kim stole Bianca’s retro style, but many also commented on Reddit, saying the architect looked even hotter in the gold bikini. “Kim clearly misses Kanye’s attention and being his muse. More than a coincidence,” one wrote.

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