“They Have To Get Angry”: Mercedes Riled Up Especially for Lewis Hamilton’s Sake .bb

“They Have To Get Angry”: Mercedes Riled Up Especially for Lewis Hamilton’s Sake

Over the past two years, Mercedes has faced considerable challenges for various reasons. In 2022, the team grappled with porpoising issues, while the adoption of the zero sidepod concept limited their progress in 2023. During this period, Red Bull capitalized on the ground regulations of 2022, showcasing remarkable dominance. Reflecting on this, two-time champion Mika Hakkinen recently emphasized the need for Mercedes to return to winning ways, particularly for Lewis Hamilton.

In a recent interview with Bild, Hakkinen said, “Now they (Mercedes) have to be angry and develop that unconditional will to win again. The team must rediscover that old understanding that is currently missing.”

Before this, Mercedes opted to prioritize programming and continuity as fundamental principles. In the first move towards this focus, the team implemented changes in its technical leadership. This involved the removal of the team’s earlier Technical Director, Mike Elliot, and the reappointment of James Allison for an extended period.

Additionally, the team has secured contract extensions for George Russell, Lewis Hamilton, and Toto Wolff. While both drivers have committed to extending their contracts until 2025, Wolff will remain associated with the team for an extra year.

However, as the team took these serious steps, Hakkinen emphasized another crucial aspect. According to him, with two consecutive seasons of disappointment, the team now needs to undergo a rebuilding process.

Yet, if winning seems elusive in front of Red Bull, the Silver Arrows can still aim to remain competitive, especially for their driver, Lewis Hamilton. While elaborating on it, Hakkinen said, ” It’s clear that this is still Lewis’ team, even though George is in his third season with Mercedes.”

Toto Wolff expresses moderate optimism about Mercedes’ prospects in 2024

Last year, Toto Wolff and the team seemed quite upset to see Red Bull take a commanding lead on the track. The situation resulted from Silver Arrows’ adamant decision to stick to the zero sidepod design.

However, as Mercedes struggled to close the gap to Red Bull, they ultimately abandoned the W-14 model and opted for a more conventional approach. Mercedes then turned things around a little and finished second in the constructors’ championship.

Despite doing so, they still trailed a significant 451 points behind the formidable Red Bull. In spite of this challenging situation, Wolff expressed confidence that he and his team could navigate through the upcoming season.

He began by explaining how his team is set to completely depart from the previous season in terms of their chassis, weight distribution, and airflow. However, he doesn’t shy away from admitting that this decision carries the risk of potential errors as well.

He elaborated, “So between not gaining what we expect, to catching up and making a big step and competing at the front, everything is possible.” While concluding his remarks, Wolff revealed that the unwavering determination to “never give up” basically serves as a driving force for them.

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