Cardi B is considered a nail legend, let’s admire her 10 most iconic nail styles that make fans admire. bb

Cardi B is considered a nail legend, let’s admire her 10 most iconic nail styles that make fans admire

Close-up of Cardi B holding her hands close to her face and long, jewel-studded red nails

From her catchy rhymes to her daring on the red carpet, Cardi B enthralls us for a variety of reasons. Unquestionably, the artist’s manicures are yet another attention-grabbing feature. Like the celebrity, you never know what to anticipate. She has experimented with subtle and elegant nail art as well as really extravagant manicure designs. But she never fails to delight us with her manicures. (Many of the rapper’s most well-known performances were made by her longtime nail artist Jenny Bui, who runs Nails on 7th and is known as the “Queen of Bling.” For ten years, Cardi B has relied on the nail artist from Cambodia.)

Cardi B’s advice captivates followers, much as her music does. See some of her finest nail styles ahead, from matchy moments to jewel-encrusted stilettos.

First, Black Mirror

Cardi B's Best Nail Looks | POPSUGAR BeautyCardi B’s sleek black fingernails in closeup next to her blue architectural gown

At the Grammy Awards, Cardi B went all out—from her blue eyeshadow to her architectural gown. Her beauty was finished with wicked stiletto-shaped nails that were pitch-black with a silver streak for added flair.

02. Bonanza Bubblegum

Rapper Cardi B is shown up close, wearing long stiletto nails and clutching a shoe to her face.

Bui expertly sculpted Cardi B’s nails into perfectly long points and finished them with dazzling jewels to prevent bubblegum pink from being too precious. The rapper’s Reebok ad is a study in contrasts, as is the whole package.

03. Seductive

Close-up of Cardi B’s crimson fingernails

Cardi B's Over The Top Blinged Out Manicure Is Insane - The SourceBui is aware that a classic shouldn’t be tampered with. All you need for a spectacular mani is a layer of red nail paint, in this instance Candy layer Pro Palette Gel Colour in Marilyn ($19).

4. Luminous

Close-up of Cardi B with a stunning manicure on her hand in front of her face

This manicure’s extra-long length leaves plenty of space for crystals and other embellishments. Deck up your own tips with stickers and nail jewels to recreate her mani.

05. Having a Blue Day

A blue Hermes purse contrasted with a cobalt blue manicure

Pregnant Cardi B unveils insane diamond-covered acrylic nailsUnquestionably, matching your nails to your Hermés purse is insanely cool. Chaun Legend, a celebrity nail artist located in Los Angeles, created this striking blue manicure. To add more drаmа, he went with a matte finish while maintaining her characteristic stiletto design.

06. Milk with strawberries

Cardi B wearing a strawberry milk manicure up close.

Cardi B’s understated manicure for the occasion was somewhat unexpecteԀ since both her and the Met Gala are known for their extravagant appearances. To get the desired strawberry milk tone, Bui used acrylic tips from Mia Sеcrеt, filed them into a long, round shape, and then painted on Aprés Nail Gel Couleur in Oh For Shore ($15).

07. Worth As Much As Gold

Close-up of Cardi B sporting lavish fingernails and gloves

As if this ensemble wasn’t drаmаtic enough, Cardi B brought the splendor right up to her fingers. Not only do her high-shine gold nails bling up her opera-length gloves, but they also have pearls, hoops, and glitter on them.

08. Perfect State

Close-up of Cardi B’s manicured hand in mint next to a mint Hermes purse

Cardi likes a mani-handbag matching moment, as we’ve established. She chose mint green and a ton of sparkle in this instance.

09. What A Treasure

Cardi B's Most Iconic Nail Looks Prove She's a Mani LegendClose-up of Cardi B wearing jewel embellishments and long red nails

Where even should one begin with this set: The diamonds of stacked hearts? The accent nail with a red spiral? (However, if every nail is thus adorned, can you really call it an accent nail?) We’re here to take in everything that this manicure has to offer.

10. Brownie Bаbe

Lizzo (right) and Cardi B (left) both have long gold nails.

When you’re next to Lizzo with her amazing manicure, it’s difficult to have nails that pop, yet Cardi B succeeds. Slick gold tones are always a nice option, and Cardi B adds even more individuality to that ensemble by using a distinct chromatic hue within the same color family on each tip.

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