(Break) Kim Kardashian’s ‘Forgotten’ First Husband Photos Go Viral, Surprised Fans Ask, ‘Is This For Real?’

Recently, pictures of Damon Thomas, Kim Kardashian’s first husband, resurfaced online, igniting a wave of reactions from fans.

The CEO of Thomas Krown Records was pictured wearing a black hoodie with a white beanie over his head. However, it wasn’t his attire that caught people’s attention but rather the questions it raised about Kardashian’s past and the circumstances of her marriage.

In the comments section of the pictures, critics expressed disbelief at Kardashian’s choice of partner and contemplated why her inner circle didn’t intervene to save her from her past relationship. One fan commented, “Damon’s the guy you pull your girlfriends away from at the club.” Another added, “Why didn’t one of Kim’s lifers/besties save her?” A third questioned, “Oh my god! He looks like he just rolled out of bed. You married him, Kim?!” “Kim’s forgotten husband. How the hell does he fit in her life aesthetic?” a fourth fan wrote. A shocked fan asked, “Is this for real man?”

As per The Sun, the resurfacing of these images nudged a barrage of criticism aimed at Damon’s appearance and character. Kardashian, who is now 43, was married to Damon from 2000 to 2004, eloping with the songwriter when she was just 19 years old, while he was almost 10 years older than her. Later Kardashian revealed that she was under the influence of ecstasy when she and Damon got married. She also blamed him and complained, “Damon decided what we would do and when we would do it. He was very much the king of the castle. Damon told me not to leave the house unless I first told him when and where I was going. If Damon was not home, I was required to call him and ask permission to leave the house. For example, he would not allow me to go to the mall alone or with friends. He told me that he did not want men to have an opportunity to hit on me.”

However, Damon refuted Kardashian’s allegations, painting himself as the victim in their relationship. He blamed Kardashian for fabricating stories to gain sympathy and financial gain, asserting that she cheated on him. In an interview, he exclaimed, “She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things to validate herself in the media. That’s a fame w***e to me.”

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney

As per Mirror, despite their tumultuous relationship, Kardashian moved on from her marriage to Damon and went on to marry Kanye West, with whom she shares four children. Damon, on the other hand, continued his career as a Grammy-nominated music producer, forming a successful pop production group called The Underdogs. His work included collaborations with renowned artists like Chris Brown, R. Kelly, and Pink, among others.

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