Admiration: Max Verstappen Credits Cristiano Ronaldo’s Benevolence – “I Read an Interesting Story…” bb

Max Verstappen Credits Cristiano Ronaldo’s Benevolence - “I Read an Interesting Story...”

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L: Max Verstappen R: Cristiano Ronaldo
p id=”article-content-block-1″ data-event=”” data-type=”content” data-variant=”p”>Numerous drivers in Formula 1 have discovered different ways of self-expression. Among several of those approaches, having a tattoo that speaks to oneself still ranks as the drivers’ top way. While certain individuals, such as Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo, have numerous tattoos, others, like Max Verstappen, choose not to acquire any. In numerous instances, the drivers possess a particular motivation for getting a tattoo. The reigning champion provides a compelling rationale for not getting inked.

Verstappen answered a series of questions in a video that @V3RLEC posted on X (formerly Twitter). One of the many inquiries concerned whether Verstappen had any tattoos or not. The Dutchman responded, “No, I actually read quite an interesting story about why Ronaldo doesn’t have tattoos, right? so he can donate blood.”

Indeed, in contrast to many other footballers who have inking galore, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have any tattoos on his body. Although it’s not that he doesn’t like the idea, the reason for this is his desire to give blood more frequently.

That being said, people with tattoos can give blood it’s just that they can’t do it right away. This is due to specific standards stating that blood donors should refrain from donating blood for at least four months following the inking of a tattoo.

In addition to giving blood himself, Ronaldo also utilizes his fame to encourage young people to save lives. In a 2015 interview with Eurosport, he even stated that a donation might help up to three people in an emergency. Moreover, it was revealed that Ronaldo is also a bone marrow donor.

After witnessing the hardships endured by a teammate’s child, the Portuguese soccer champ decided to donate bone marrow. Nevertheless, Ronaldo’s efforts remained evident, as he has frequently been seen giving blood. Yet It is still unknown whether Max Verstappen adheres to the same.

Which F1 drivers have Tattoos?

The tattoos and personal histories of drivers ranging from Daniel Ricciardo to Sebastian Vettel and from Lewis Hamilton to Fernando Alonso are everywhere. Lewis Hamilton, for example, has a profound tattoo story that is unique to him and his career.

The seven-time champion’s most treasured tattoo is a tribute to his father, Anthony. The tattoo shows his father on his left shoulder, lifting him up and joyfully throwing him in the air. Hamilton is so passionate about the tattoo that he even gave GQ an explanation of its significance. He said, “It was the single most special moment that I would have with my dad because he was a very, very serious man.”

Even if we move from British sentiment to the Aussie sentiments, we won’t find much difference. Akin to Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo also has a tattoo of his parents. In 2017, the Honey Badger got a heart-shaped tattoo above his knee that read “Mum and Papa.”

Ricciardo also has a lighthouse, and a ship tattooed on his right thigh, which is his first inking. In 2013, Ricciardo got this tattoo, which stands for both home and travel.

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