Shenseea Talks About Her Crossover Success, Hit Song ‘Lick’, Pregnancy Speculations, Collaboration With Doja Cat, and Upcoming Album

In a recent interview, Jamaican dancehall artist Shenseea opened up about her experiences with crossing over into mainstream music, her hit song “Lick”, pregnancy rumors, collaborations with Doja Cat, and her upcoming album.

Shenseea, whose real name is Chinsea Lee, discussed her journey of transitioning from dancehall to mainstream music. She expressed that she never intended to leave her roots behind but rather to expand her reach and expose dancehall to a wider audience. She acknowledged that crossing over can be difficult, but she believes in staying true to herself and her sound while exploring different genres.

One of Shenseea’s most popular songs is “Lick”, which caused controversy due to its explicit lyrics. However, she defended the song as a form of self-expression, stating that she was merely expressing her feelings as a young woman. Shenseea believes in the power of music to connect with people, and she values the freedom of expression that comes with being an artist.

Addressing the pregnancy rumors that circulated earlier this year, Shenseea clarified that she is not expecting a child. She attributed the rumors to her being unapologetically herself and the public’s fascination with her personal life. Shenseea emphasized the importance of setting boundaries and keeping certain aspects of her life private.

Shenseea also talked about her collaboration with American rapper Doja Cat on the song “Best Friend”. She expressed her admiration for Doja Cat’s talent and versatility. Shenseea described the experience of working with Doja Cat as incredible and highlighted the strong bond they formed during the process. She hopes that this collaboration will expose more people to Jamaican music and culture.

Lastly, Shenseea mentioned her upcoming album, which she describes as a mix of dancehall, afrobeats, and other genres. She revealed that the album will feature collaborations with both local and international artists. Shenseea expressed her excitement for this project, as it will showcase her growth as an artist and allow her to experiment with different sounds and styles.

In summary, Shenseea discussed her journey of crossing over into mainstream music while staying true to her dancehall roots. She defended her controversial hit song “Lick” as a form of self-expression and addressed the pregnancy rumors, clarifying that she is not expecting a child. Shenseea also spoke about her collaboration with Doja Cat and her upcoming album, expressing her excitement for the project and the opportunity to explore different genres.

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