“He can’t sell a record without doing the most”: Lil Nas X torn to pieces for disrespecting Lady Gaga and Madonna for no reason

Lil Nas X got shredded by fans after defending his artwork by disrespecting Lady Gaga and Madonna.

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“He can’t sell a record without doing the most”: Lil Nas X Gets Torn to Shreds for Disrespecting Lady Gaga and Madonna Without Cause

With his gradual rise in fame, rapper Lil Nas X has become prone to controversies that turned him into the center of attention and a magnet of headlines. Oftentimes, his controversies spark because of the content of his music videos and the cover art. Recently, the rapper’s brand new song J Christ got him some negative attention and trolling on social media.

Initially, the controversies began after the cover art of his music video containing an image of him nailed to a cross hurt the sentiments of Christians. This eventually got his artwork slammed as blasphemous and even compared with the works of Lady Gaga and Madonna. But the rapper tried defending his art against comparisons which ended up with Lil Nas X getting shredded by fans.

Lil Nas X Defended His Art Against Comparisons

Whatever Lil Nas X is doing in his career is certainly selling his records, but it’s also propelling him to the stature of a controversial music icon. Often making headlines for his music videos and cover art containing religious imagery, the rapper recently sparked controversy.
Lil Nas X’s brand new music video featured him nailed to a crossLil Nas X’s brand new music video featured him nailed to a cross

Further, the rapper got slammed for his mockery of Jesus wherein the cover art of his brand new music reimagined him as the son of God on the cross. Following his string of controversies as a bad role model, and even being sued by Nike, Lil Nas X recently hurt the sentiments of Christians and got his music video termed as blasphemous.


This entire controversy over his music video and cover art containing religious imagery got his work compared with that of music icons Lady Gaga and Madonna. But the rapper didn’t appreciate this comparison and took to his X account to address the tweet and offer his opinion. Choosing sheer disrespect as his weapon, Lil Nas X didn’t hold back his comments.

Lil Nas X Got Slammed for Disrespecting Music Icons  

In an attempt to defend his artwork and his new song from getting compared with Lady Gaga and Madonna, Lil Nas X simply disrespected the legends. This defensive tweet from the rapper sparked further controversies as he claimed to be unbothered by Lady Gaga and Madonna’s musical achievements.

Lil Nas X The rapper used sheer disrespect as a defense against comparison of his work
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Almost implying that he is the best at his job, Lil Nas X claimed that he doesn’t care about Lady Gaga and Madonna’s work, and he’s certainly not following anyone’s footsteps. Right after the rapper posted his tweet, fans, and netizens were quick to address it, and soon enough the musician witnessed brutal trolling.






While a few fans reminded him of the time when Lady Gaga came under fire for similar comparisons with Madonna, others slammed Lil Nas X for using controversies to sell records and remain relevant in the super-competitive music industry. Moreover, the rapper got shredded by netizens for hurting people’s sentiments and on top of that being disrespectful towards two music icons.

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