Doja Cat’s apology to New Jersey fans causes a stir on social media

Doja Cat, the 28-year-old rapper, expressed her dissatisfaction with her performance at her recent concert in Newark, N.J. Taking to her Instagram Story, she apologized to fans for her lackluster energy. In a post accompanied by a photo of a crushed chip, Doja wrote, “I’m so f-kin sorry New Jersey. I don’t know what the f-k that was.” She further explained, “I’m really not happy with my energy tonight.” 

Videos from the show revealed Doja sporting a cropped blonde wig, white snapback, and bikini bottoms. During her performance, she playfully called out her backstage crew for forgetting to turn on a fan. “Turn the f-king fan on,” she sang into her microphone. “B-h, I need a fan.”

Doja Cat is currently on her Scarlet arena tour, with her next show scheduled for Saturday (Dec. 1) in Boston. The tour, which supports her latest album of the same name, will conclude on Dec. 13 in Chicago. Doja is also up for three Grammy awards next year, with her hit single “Paint the Town Red” in the running for Best Pop Solo Performance.

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