Doja Cat talks about missing out on winning at the GRAMMYs due to… an emergency bathroom break!

Doja Cat, the popular American singer, almost missed her win at the 2022 GRAMMYs due to a bathroom break. Despite her frantic rush, she ultimately made it back just in time to accept her award.

On the night of the GRAMMYs, Doja Cat had been nominated for three awards, including Best Pop Vocal Album for “Planet Her.” As the evening progressed, tensions were running high as artists eagerly awaited and prepared for their potential wins.

While Doja Cat was in the middle of the ceremony, she suddenly found herself overwhelmed with the urge to use the bathroom. Feeling torn between her bodily needs and the potential celebration awaiting her, she made the brave decision to momentarily leave her seat and dash to the restroom.

However, what Doja Cat didn’t anticipate was the long line outside the bathroom. As she anxiously shifted from foot to foot, the minutes ticked by, and her anxiety grew. Every second that passed felt like a missed opportunity to be present on stage if her name was called for an award.

As she patiently waited her turn with sweat forming on her brow, Doja Cat could hardly contain her excitement and nervousness. She desperately hoped to return to her seat before any of her categories were announced. Time seemed to crawl, causing her apprehension to reach its peak.

Thankfully, luck was on her side that night. Just as Doja Cat was about to abandon her place in line and return to her seat, a kind stranger recognized the singer and offered her the opportunity to cut ahead. Gratefully accepting the stranger’s offer, Doja Cat rushed back inside the venue, her frantic footsteps echoing through the hall.

To her immense relief, when Doja Cat arrived back at her seat, she discovered that she had made it just in the nick of time. It had taken every second to secure her position before the stage, as her category was announced shortly after she settled back into her seat.

Overwhelmed with joy and adrenaline, Doja Cat nervously awaited the announcement of the winner. To her astonishment and delight, her name was indeed called, declaring her as the recipient of the Best Pop Vocal Album award. Despite her bathroom escapade, Doja Cat made her way to the stage, clutching her trophy tightly and delivering a heartfelt acceptance speech.

In the end, Doja Cat’s daring bathroom break may have seemed like a risky move, but it ultimately became a memorable anecdote. It serves as a testament to her dedication and the unpredictable nature of life’s most important moments, reminding us all to seize opportunities even in the face of everyday necessities.


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