Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith Gets Trolled For His Distant Expression In His Latest Pic With Girlfriend, Netizen Says, “He Looks Dead Inside”

Jaden Smith’s latest pic with girlfriend Sab Zada goes viral online as netizens troll him for his weird expression. Check it out here.

Jaden Smith's Weird Expression While Posing With His GF Gets Him Brutally Trolled By Netizens: "Bruh Thinking About Solving The Economic Problem Of The World"

Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith Gets Trolled For His Aloof Expression In His Viral Pic With GF ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, is getting trolled for his aloof expression in a recent picture with his girlfriend. Jaden is a talented person, just like his parents; he is an actor and a rapper. He, along with his sister Willow, even has a clothing brand. Jaden has often popped up on tabloids thanks to being born to famous parents, and once it went out of the line, he became the subject of an online death hoax. His new pic with his girlfriend, Sab Zada, has gone viral on social media, and people are having a gala time commenting on it.

Jaden and Sab have been allegedly dating each other since 2020. There have been other pictures of the couple that took over the social media a few months ago, and it seems the rapper is going steady with her. In 2022, he was heavily trolled for criticizing his peers in an old resurfaced clip. He spoke about his unconventional upbringing as the child of A-listers and explained how being surrounded by adults as a kid altered his views on politics and global issues. He mocked his friends for being too self-obsessed on social media.

Jaden Smith has come a long way, and on one side, where the haters are trolling him, his fans are happy about his health in the latest picture. Smith is seen posing with his girlfriend, Sab Zada, who wears a black vest and has dreadlocks. On the other hand, his girlfriend donned a skimpy golden bikini top and an orange sarong around the waist, flaunting her voluptuous figure. Smith’s girlfriend looks happy and is smiling in the pic while he seems lost, which has not escaped the eyes of the netizens.

One of the users commenting on Jaden Smith’s preoccupied expression wrote on X, “He looks dead inside ngl.”

Another said, “Is bro even there lol.”

A third user said, “I bet will is jealous.”

“Bruh, thinking about solving the economic problem of the world,” wrote a fourth one.

Another stated, “He always looks like he’s pondering the complexities of existence.”

“His mum still gunna make this about Tupac,” added one.

A user questioned, “Why does bro look lost?”

And, “They both look like stoners.”

See the viral picture here:


Previously, there were reports that Jaden Smith was dating fellow artist TylerTheCreator and that he was The Karate Kid star’s boyfriend. Smith said that during a performance, it is unclear whether it was a joke or not. It happened around 2018. He was also linked with Kylie Jenner, now dating Timothee Chalamet. Zada and Smith have been spotted together on several occasions, and last year, they were also seen having lunch in LA.

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