Tragic Reason Why Michael Jordan Missed Chris Chelios’ Jersey Retirement Ceremony Revealed

Michael Jordan was about to make a rare public appearance for Chris Chelios’ jersey retirement but had to cancel the plan at the last moment.


Michael Jordan and Chris Chelios

Michael Jordan was all set to make a public appearance for Chris Chelios’ jersey retirement, but it wasn’t to be the case. The former Bulls superstar was unable to attend the event due to a family death.

Since Jordan and Chelios are close and Jordan doesn’t like to disappoint his friends, he sent a video message for the Blackhawks icon.


Michael Jordan and Chris Chelios

What did Jordan say?

Jordan reportedly said, “Hey, man, unfortunately, Chelios, I can’t make it again this week,” according to NBC. “I tried for the Ring of Honor but I was unable to attend. On Sunday, there was a death in the family. You are a truly deserving man, and I am honored to see your jersey beside mine. Since we’ve been friends for thirty years, I hope the best for you. I’m sending my love to you. Go Blackhawks!”

Jordan and Chelios shared the same city from 1990-98 and played at the United Center from 1994-98.

The Black Jesus as Jordan was called by some of the fans led the Bulls to six championships. In the meanwhile, Chelios was a superstar for the Blackhawks and helped them reach the Stanley Cup Final in 1992.

Chelios, 62, wore No. 7 for the Blackhawks and won the Norris Trophy twice in Chicago while making five All-Star teams.

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Michael Jordan

What did Chelios say for Jordan in his speech?

He thanked Jordan in his speech. “And naturally, we move on to Michael Jordan, who I have come to love very much. The king, without a doubt,” Chelios remarked, per NBC Sports Chicago.

“And they still say that old cliché, ‘I want to be like Mike. To be honest, I wanted to be like Mike. Additionally, I trained properly, something I had never done before in my career. And all I did was watch him and his trainer, Tim Grove, after every game. And I reasoned that I might have the advantage if Michael had a trainer. I’ll hire an instructor,” Chelios added.

Chelios continued, saying that Jordan and he will soon celebrate the honor.

Chelios remarked, “I saw him a couple of weeks ago, and we talked.”

“In spirit, he is present here. His jersey and my jersey are hanging in the rafters. We discussed that. He’s always supported me, and we spoke yesterday. He was there for the Hall of Fame. We will celebrate next week on his boat.”

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