The Kardashian Chaos: Kim’s Panic as Khloe Backs Kanye and Bianca Takes Sides


Kim Kardashian is reportedly panicking as her sister Khloe Kardashian publicly shows support for Kanye West and his new girlfriend, Bianca. The article suggests that Kim has always been protective of her family image and is concerned that Khloe’s actions could harm their brand.

According to sources, Khloe has been vocal about her approval of Kanye’s new relationship and has publicly expressed her support. This has caused panic for Kim, who has always been careful about maintaining a certain image for the family. She is worried that Khloe’s endorsement of Kanye’s new girlfriend could tarnish their reputation.



The Kardashian family has built an empire based on their carefully crafted image, and any deviation from this could have serious consequences for their brand. Khloe’s support for Kanye’s new relationship could be seen as a betrayal to her sister, as Kim has been open about her past issues with Kanye and their highly publicized divorce.

The article also mentions that Kim has been working hard to rebrand herself and establish a new public image since her divorce. She recently launched a successful beauty line and has been focusing on her law studies. Kim is concerned that Khloe’s actions could overshadow her own professional endeavors and draw attention away from her personal achievements.


Overall, the article highlights Kim Kardashian’s panic over her sister Khloe’s public support for Kanye West and his new girlfriend. Kim is worried that this could have a negative impact on their family brand and divert attention away from her own accomplishments.

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