“That’s the Worst!”: Stephen Curry Included Mother Sonya Curry While Revealing Two ‘Insults’ He Received Growing Up in Charlotte



Stephen Curry walking off the hardwood to embrace his emotional mother standing courtside was probably one of the most iconic moments from the Golden State Warriors’ 2022 NBA Finals win. Sonya Curry has been a rock for her four-time NBA Champion son since the very beginning of his basketball journey, helping him through every adversity along the way. However, she was also the subject of most of the trash-talking targeted towards Steph during his early years in Charlotte. And that too, because of her dazzling beauty.

Curry’s parents Dell and Sonya Curry decided to end their marriage of 33 years in 2021. However, the couple provided a strong family unit for all of their kids, including Steph Curry, till well into their adulthood. Curry has credited his parents’ dedication toward his development as the cornerstone for his success in numerous interviews. However, his parents were also the reason Steph had to endure taunts from his peers in high school.

Stephen Curry revealed how Sonya and Dell Curry became the subjects of the insults hurled at him in high school

Stephen Curry has always had privileges most people can only dream about. Steph’s father Dell Curry played in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets and a few other teams. On the other hand, the Dubs guard’s mother Sonya was a college volleyball player and an extremely beautiful woman.


However, both his parents’ remarkable attributes ended up haunting Curry during his high school days in Charlotte, North Carolina. During a 2014 interview with Dan Le Batard on ESPN‘s Highly Questionable, Curry was asked whether his mother’s good looks posed a problem for him as an NBA star. In response, the then 26-year-old said:

Oh man, that’s the worst. I mean obviously she’s definitely a beautiful lady. And I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree [pointing at himself]…but she definitely gets her TV time when she comes to support myself, my brother at our games…Hey, I’ll take it in strides. Just be respectful about it. Don’t have to talk too much trash.”

Meanwhile, Le Batard’s co-host commented that it is surely a distressing experience having an attractive parent as a high schooler. “That and them telling me my dad paid off the refs-one of the two insults where they made their name,” Curry added with a chuckle.

It’s quite natural that Steph had to endure accusations of nepotism because of his father’s involvement with the NBA, especially considering the fact that the sharp shooter never really looked like a traditional NBA prospect. Jokes and taunts about his mother only added to the woes of the undersized guard.

Sonya Curry instilled a deep set of values in Curry

Curry has always ascribed a part of his success to God and his Christian upbringing. The Currys raised their children in a Christian household, instilling in them values that have helped them to excel in life.

In fact, Sonya once even barred Steph from playing an important high school game because he didn’t do his chores. That’s how you teach the importance of values and discipline to your children and guide them to the path of glory.

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