Steve Harvey Joins Kevin Hart And SUES Katt Williams For $273M DEFAMATION LAWSUIT!?


In a gripping turn of events, renowned broadcaster and comedian Steve Harvey slapped fellow comedian Katt Williams with a $273 million defamation lawsuit. Joining him in this legal tangle is Kevin Hart, another well-respected figure in the comic realm. This dramatic move comes as a response to harmful allegations circulating about Harvey, which have been traced back to Williams. These damaging fabrications have left deep scars on Harvey’s career and personal reputation.

Much like a tense stand-up showdown, this judicial battle throws light on the pressing need for accountability on public platforms. It underscores the gravity of defamation and the profound implications it has on public figures’ lives and careers. Harvey and Hart are donning their legal gloves, stepping into this judicial ring to demand justice, and setting a precedent about the lines that shouldn’t be crossed.



“Funny doesn’t mean cruel; it doesn’t mean destructive,” they seem to assert as they ask for compensation for the damage inflicted. And so, the message is loud and clear – they’re standing their ground against the defamatory remarks that Williams has allegedly made. They are not just fighting for themselves, but rallying for every public figure who stand under the spotlight and the looming shadow of possible defamation.

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