Stephen A. Smith criticizes LeBron James for defending son Bronny: Responsibility lies with you, not the media

LeBron James Faces Criticism Over Bronny’s NBA Draft Prospects

Why Bronny James isn't ready to join LeBron James in NBA just yet

LeBron James recently voiced his discontent with NBA draft projections that shifted his son, Bronny, from the class of 2024 to 2025. Expressing concerns about the pressure placed on young players by mock drafts, LeBron’s comments sparked controversy, drawing the ire of prominent sports commentator Stephen A. Smith.

On ESPN’s “First Take,” Smith criticized LeBron for potentially exacerbating expectations surrounding Bronny’s basketball career. Drawing parallels between the James family and the Obama family, Smith suggested that LeBron’s influence could lead to teams drafting Bronny solely to attract LeBron’s attention in the future.

Smith accused LeBron of orchestrating behind-the-scenes maneuvers while Bronny focuses on recovering from a recent health scare and forging his own path in basketball. He emphasized that any scrutiny Bronny faces is largely a result of his father’s prominence and influence in the NBA.

“This is all his fault. All of it… You’re gonna tweet about folks needing to leave your son alone? You did that… Own it. It’s you. It’s not the media.”

LeBron James and Kendrick Perkins React to NBA Draft Projections for Bronny  James - BVM Sports

Despite the criticism, Bronny remains committed to his freshman season at the University of Southern California (USC). With the Trojans unlikely to qualify for the NCAA Tournament, Bronny’s opportunities to showcase his talents on a national stage may be limited. While his participation in postseason competitions could impact his NBA draft eligibility, Bronny’s priority remains on contributing to USC’s success and honing his skills on the court.

Although Bronny’s future in the NBA remains uncertain, his focus remains on his development as a player, aiming to overcome challenges and distractions to fulfill his potential in the sport.

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