Shaquille O’Neal Brutally Destroyed Former ESPN Personality For Calling Angel Reese A “F–king Idiot” (TWEET)

Shaquille O’Neal in gray jacket. Angel Reese at podium
LSU women’s basketball captured the national championship on Sunday as they defeated Iowa, 102-85.

In the waning stages of the victory, Tigers star Angel Reese made sure to let Iowa standout Caitlin Clark know what the final result was going to be as she brutally mocked her multiple times and pointed to her ring finger to indicate she just won a title.

Shaquille O'Neal in gray jacket. Angel Reese at podium

He is not wrong here

She also hit the Hawkeyes sharpshooter with Clark’s own “You Can’t See Me” celebration, just as Clark did during a previous contest.

While some loved what she did, many took to Twitter to show how much they thought it was disrespcetful. Former ESPN host Keith Olbermann is going viral for what he said about LSU Tigers star Angel Reese.

He called Reese a ‘fucking idiot.’

Shaquille O’Neal quickly jumped in his comments and promptly destroyed him for his take.

“shut your dumb ass up leave angel reese alone,” he announced.

What a fucking idiot

— Keith Olbermann⌚️ (@KeithOlbermann) April 2, 2023

Olbermann is unlikely to respond to Shaq.

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