Ross Travis still boasts a substantial NFL bank account! Discover Ross Travis’ net worth and explore how Travis Kelce’s close friend earns a living today

Reports vary, with figures ranging between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Over the Cap, a reputable NFL salary tracking website, disclosed Travis’ career earnings from the NFL,

totaling $2,668,211. As of 2024, he remains an undrafted free agent.

Who is Ross Travis, a member of Travis Kelce's inner circle?

How does Ross Travis make money?

Despite his perseverance, Travis’ NFL journey didn’t achieve the same level of stardom or financial success as his friend Kelce.

Their paths converged when Travis joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2015 as an undrafted free agent, occupying the tight end position, mirroring Kelce’s role.

Notably, Travis didn’t play collegiate football; instead, he was a three-star basketball recruit for Penn State.

Though Travis’ tenure with the Chiefs didn’t culminate in extensive playing time, he later saw action with the Indianapolis Colts.

Unfortunately, a torn ACL in 2018 halted his progress, leading to subsequent stints with various NFL practice squads.

His earnings during this time include $883,976 with the Chiefs and $940,589 with the Colts. In 2020, Travis earned $497,646 with the New York Jets, followed by practice squad roles with multiple teams in 2021, including the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, and Detroit Lions.

Ross Travis' Net Worth: How Travis Kelce Friend Makes Money | Life & Style

So, what does Ross Travis do now?

Despite uncertainties surrounding his NFL career, Travis maintains his physical fitness, as evidenced by his Instagram posts showcasing gym workouts.

Additionally, he continues to support Kelce, often spotted cheering him on at Kansas City Chiefs games, alongside Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Notably, Travis accompanied Kelce and Swift to significant events like the AFC Championship game and Super Bowl LVIII, sharing celebratory moments and bonding over shared experiences.

In a recent development, Travis joined Kelce for a round of golf in Las Vegas before embarking on a private jet journey to Sydney, Australia, where Kelce reunited with Swift ahead of her Eras tour shows.

Despite the uncertainties of his football career, Travis remains a steadfast presence in Kelce’s life, demonstrating the enduring strength of their friendship amidst life’s twists and turns.

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