Ronaldo Ventures: $20 Million Invested in Building an Opulent “Retirement” Villa with Exclusive Luxuries.

Currently, Ronaldo is living a dream life that many people dream of. To prepare for life after retirement, Ronaldo built a super villa. When completed, this will be the most expensive residential apartment in Portugal.

It’s been more than 10 months since Cristiano Ronaldo left Europe and moved to Saudi Arabia to play for Al Nassr. Some experts believe that the above decision is the end of the Portuguese superstar’s top career.

However, leaving behind an unhappy final period during his second reunion with MU, Ronaldo finally found joy during his time with the Asian club.

Ronaldo spent 550 billion to build a retirement villa after retirement, possessing special amenities that few people have.


Whenever asked, Ronaldo admitted feeling satisfied with life in Saudi Arabia. There was even information that Ronaldo planned to retire in the Al Nassr shirt.

When we look at the luxuries Ronaldo has in the Middle Eastern country, we partly understand the reason. Besides, CR7 has also regained his scoring form at Al Nassr in the context of the Saudi National Championship increasingly welcoming more famous stars.

The Portuguese superstar and his family are said to be living in a villa worth up to 12 million euros in the capital Riyadh. However, Ronaldo cannot live forever in the Asian country. To prepare for life after retirement, Ronaldo built a super villa in the wealthy area of Quinta da Marinha, Portugal in 2022.

Recently, Semana newspaper published close-up photos of this mansion. After a year of construction, the villa is still in the process of being completed but is basically finished. According to images provided by SEMANA, it can be seen that the house has four floors and four suites with a construction area of up to 2,000 m2, located in a 2,700 m2 campus. Ronaldo spent about 22 million euros for his dream home.

According to Semana, when completed, this will be the most expensive residential apartment in Portugal. Currently, the frame of the house is still covered with a tarp to avoid any prying eyes. With the huge amount of money spent, the mansion of course possesses the most luxurious amenities such as golden faucets or marble tiles. Besides, the apartment also has its own gym, swimming pool, movie theater and 2 parking garages.

In addition, Ronaldo also installed solar panels that can provide much more efficient energy for the entire house. The number of workers working daily to complete the current house is up to dozens of people per day. All so that Ronaldo can see the results of building a new house in the shortest possible time.

Marca newspaper said Ronaldo owns 8 apartments, located in Portugal, Spain and the United States. In the future, this number is expected to increase. At this time, CR7 is receiving a record salary of 186 million euros per year at Al Nassr and has the ability to buy more expensive real estate.

With Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar receives a record compensation of 200 million USD per year. The owner of 5 Golden Balls can also live in an expensive mansion, drive luxury cars and receive excellent service. Not long ago, Ronaldo also received a gift of a custom-designed watch worth nearly 19 billion VND.

Since arriving in Saudi, Ronaldo has participated in major events and interacted with many famous figures. Earlier this year, CR7 participated in an art shopping festival called “Night at Dariyah”. Most recently, Ronaldo appeared at the boxing event between Tyson Fury – Francis Ngannou.

The event gathered a series of big stars of the entertainment industry. However, Ronaldo is still the name that receives the most attention. “He (Ronaldo) stepped into the stadium with the legends of the sports world and he is the most prominent superstar,” said former player Rio Ferdinand – who also attended.

The Daily Mail describes Ronaldo as being treated like a “king” during his time at Al Nasr. A comfortable life helps CR7 relax his mind and do better every time he plays.

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