Ronaldo Shares Girlfriend’s Inspiring Story: Overcoming a Criminal Parentage, Finding Redemption through Love for a Sports Legend, Amidst Unseen Truths.

From being the daughter of a drug addict, giving up her dream of dancing ballet to become a salesperson, Georgina Rodriguez’s life completely changed when she had the opportunity to advise soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently her partner. model.


In 2016, she met CR7 in a clothing store. Georgina helps her future lover choose products, then “gets the signal” and quickly goes on a date.

“One time, he drove me in his Bugatti. My colleagues were crazy because they only went to work by bus. They never believed it,” she said.

Since the news broke out about dating the most “girl-killing” player in the football world, the name Georgina Rodriguez has continuously attracted media attention. Outside of Spain, the female model’s name attracted international media attention.

“I consider myself a very lucky woman. My starting point was having nothing in my hands. Now, I know what life is like having everything,” Georgina Rodriguez said in an interview when talking about her life. live high class.

However, the days of living carefree while loving Ronaldo are at risk of disappearing, after the media reported that Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) and Georgina Rodriguez showed signs of a breakup after the 2022 World Cup.

Information that appeared after paparazzi images of the two appearing together became less and less. Quintino Aires, a psychiatrist and close friend of CR7, said that the football superstar is not satisfied with life, the reason comes from his girlfriend.

“When he is away from his mother, Ronaldo finds it difficult. Everyone knows the reason why CR7 is increasingly distant from his family (referring to discord between family and girlfriend),” Quintino Aires said.

Meanwhile, journalist Daniel Nascimento said that Georgina has a high-class lifestyle. She spent the day shopping in Riyadh, “doing nothing but spending money”. That’s why CR7 is not satisfied.

Currently, insiders have not spoken. But public opinion still knows one thing: Georgina Rodriguez changed her life from a saleswoman in a shopping mall to a powerful woman, covered in branded goods, appearing next to a global soccer superstar.

In other words, Georgina Rodriguez is no different from real-life Cinderella.

Georgina Rodriguez exposes her life from a girl with nothing to a woman who “spent money without looking” through the documentary I Am Georgina. After the release of the movie, CR7’s partner was constantly criticized for his luxurious lifestyle.

Hola newspaper reported that Georgina lives away from reality. The ostentatious and flashy lifestyle in I Am Georgina does not help Cristiano Ronaldo’s career.

“Ronaldo just wants his girlfriend to behave more harmoniously. The male player feels bad when his girlfriend spends money too much,” the newspaper wrote.

After information about Ronaldo and his girlfriend showing signs of a breakup appeared, Pablo Bone – a model and former Gucci salesperson in Madrid, Spain – posted a video “exposing” Ronaldo’s girlfriend.

Bone commented that Rodriguez was arrogant and ambitious. Since before she met Ronaldo, she always wanted to change her life and confided that she wanted to marry a billionaire. “She always pretends to be a classy, superior person even though she barely has enough to make ends meet. She often goes to rich people and is close to the luxurious nightlife scene in Madrid. From a girl living in a boarding house, I have to respect Georgina because she’s real. has risen,” Pablo Bone said.

In I Am Georgina, the female model describes her luxurious life after living with one of the world’s top soccer superstars. Many people also compare Georgina’s series to the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The series recorded the scene where Georgina appeared on a private plane, covered in designer clothes, showing off the style of the super rich. Georgina also portrayed her love life with her boyfriend through interview segments. However, Ronaldo almost did not appear in the reality TV show about his girlfriend’s life.

Following the success of season 1, Georgina continued to release season 2 despite the controversy.

According to Decider, I Am Georgina 2 still follows the old formula, from private jets to lavish shopping, the show contains elements of other superficial reality shows, where rich people show off how much money they spend in day.

“However, it’s boring and bland. There’s nothing interesting throughout the show other than showing off excessively expensive dresses and jewelry. To put it bluntly, people don’t care anymore,” Decider commented.

The newspaper also said that if the audience expected to see Cristiano Ronaldo in a simple setting with his wife and children, it was completely impossible.

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