Rihanna Was Big Into “90 Day Fiancé” During Her Pregnancies

Oh, have you heard the latest on Rihanna? Despite being a huge celebrity, she’s just like one of us! It turns out she’s been passing the time during her recent pregnancies by binge-watching 90 Day Fiancé. How cool is that?

So, Page Six spilled the beans on this fun fact and even got the scoop from Yara Zaya, one of the stars of the show. Zaya was shocked when Rihanna slid into her DMs back in February 2021, expressing her love for the show and Zaya’s storyline. Can you imagine Riri watching your life unfold on screen?

And get this, they now follow each other on Instagram. But wait, there’s more! Another 90 Day Fiancé star, Angela Deem, also got a message from Rihanna. It seems like the “Work” singer can’t get enough of the drama and love stories on the show.

Speaking of Rihanna’s pregnancy, she recently unveiled photos of her second child in a sweet photoshoot with A$AP Rocky and their kids, RZA and Riot. People are divided on the name Riot, with some finding it cute and others a bit corny, especially when linked to Rocky’s recent single. It’s all up for debate!

Rihanna has kept a low profile since her Super Bowl halftime performance earlier this year. Now, Usher will be taking over the stage for the 2024 Super Bowl. Did you expect Rihanna to be a 90 Day Fiancé fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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