North West, 10, says she tried to set up La La Anthony with A-List star

NORTH West has said she tried to set up Kim Kardashian’s BFF La La Anthony with an A-List actor in a hilarious new TikTok.

La La, 41, was married to retired NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony, 39, for 11 years until the couple divorced in 2021.

5North West said she tried to set up Kim Kardashian’s BFF La La Anthony with an A-List actor in a hilarious new TikTokCredit: Tiktok/kimandnorth5La La was married to retired NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony for 11 years until the couple divorced in 2021Credit: Tiktok/kimandnorth


In the video, North, 10, and the former MTV VJ were shown completing the popular “I Am” trend while outdoors.

The TikTok started with La La stating, “We’re best friends, of course, we’re going to spend ten hours doing TikToks.”

The young Kardashians star followed the TRL alum by claiming, “We’re best friends, of course, I always try to hook her up with Michael B. Jordan!”

She snapped her fingers and rolled her eyes as La La could be heard laughing behind the camera.

“We’re best friends, of course, she always does my makeup and my hair,” the VH1 host revealed during her turn as she flipped her red ponytail.

North responded, “We’re best friends, of course, she always lets me drive!”

The preteen then mimed turning a steering wheel as La La exclaimed, “You’re going to get me arrested girl!”

After another round of “We’re best friends, of course,” North and La La belted out the lyrics to the 10-year-old’s Talking/Once Again verse in unison.

They shouted, “It’s your bestie, Miss Miss Westie. Don’t tryna test me. It’s gonna get messy!”


On Wednesday, North leaked a shocking photo of her mom Kim Kardashian’s wonky lips in an unedited screenshot from a recent Facetime call they shared.

Kanye West blasts Kim Kardashian as he publicly demands his ex-wife to take their 4 kids out of ‘fake school’

The Hulu star’s various plastic surgery procedures have been put on blast by her fandom through social media of late.

North brought the conversation to light once more after leaking a shocking screenshot from a recent Facetime conversation she had with Kim, 43.

Originally posted on the mother-daughter duo’s shared TikTok page, the photo showed the reality star’s face enlarged with her little girl in a box at the bottom right-hand corner.

In the shot, the TV personality wore a wild duck expression on her face, with her lips appearing larger and wonkier than ever before.

Kim’s eyes seemed to bulge out of her head, presumably in shock about something North said, she went makeup-free and had her dark hair styled straight.

In the bottom right corner, the child star had a similar expression of shock mixed with concern.

The little girl captioned her post, “Photo dump.”


Although the screenshot was later removed from the page, fans were quick to grab it first and reshare it on Reddit.

Many were stunned by the Skims founder’s appearance, with several slamming her lip injections as “botched.”

“What is going on with her lips??” one asked, alongside the image.

“She posted this?!?! Or did North??? Jw bc how botched is she that anyone thought this was a good pic????” a second wondered.

“Filler migration,” a third claimed, while a fourth laughed, “Wtf is this.”

“All North does is drag her mom on the internet,” a fifth asserted.

“She has a whole a** lip on top of her lip! That’s insane looking,” another trolled.


Recently, North became one of the youngest music artists ever to top the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

The 10-year-old musician had her first feature on one of her dad Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign’s new singles earlier this month.

Kanye’s song, Talking/Once Again, which features a verse from his eldest child North, earned its spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Just two weeks after its release, the track has hit number 30 on the chart.

The rapper shared the news of his daughter’s major success on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

He reposted a photo of the little girl from the account @chartdata on X, formerly Twitter, where it confirmed the song’s addition to the major music chart.

“North West earns her first-ever entry on the Hot 100 this week with ‘TALKING.’”

“She becomes one of the youngest artists to ever chart, at age 10,” the message read.

5North claimed that because they’re ‘best friends’ she tried to set up La La with Michael B. JordanCredit: Tiktok/kimandnorth5North and La La belted out the lyrics to the 10-year-old’s Talking/Once Again verse in unisonCredit: Tiktok/kimandnorth5North’s mom Kim Kardashians with her best friend La La Anthony

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