Meet this Michael Jackson Superfan Who Bleaches Skin with Acid and Performs Surgery to Look Like His Idol

Michael Jackson super fan-Gleidson Jackson

Michael Jackson super fan-Gleidson Jackson

Obsessed fans that go to insane lengths to look just like their idols are nothing new. Just last month a Kim Kardashian look alike surfaced, but Brazilian Antonio Gleidson Rodriguez might just take the cake as the most obsessed fan ever.

The Brazilian singer and dancer has gone to such lengths to resemble Michael Jackson that includes having plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, and spending a total of four hours daily practising his dance moves.

Gleidson Jackson, as he likes to be addressed, told the Daily Mail that he would like to perform more operations in his quest to achieve being the perfect Michael Jackson look-alike.

“If I can afford it in the future, I am thinking of working on my cheekbones so I can get rid of the wrinkles along my mouth- I also want to have my eyebrows arched”

Michael Jackson super fan-Gleidson Jackson

Michael Jackson super fan-Gleidson Jackson

“I would like to have my forehead tattooed and have my nose made even slimmer”

For the five years since he started this quest, Gleidson has had his nasal septum corrected in order for him to reach higher notes whilst singing, had hyaluronic acid injected into his face to make him look whiter and also had botox injections.

The nasal septum correction has enabled him reach the falsetto notes ‘The King of Pop’ made iconic, whilst other procedures has closed the gaps in his teeth and tattooed his eyebrows.

Gleidson hopes to raise enough through his performances to carry out future procedures, until he’s as indistinguishable as possible from the man he describes as the ‘greatest artist of all time’

“There will never be another one like him”, he continued. “But I can try my best”

I don’t know whether to describe his story as inspirational or crazy, but there can be no denying it is an interesting one.

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