Mark Curry JOINS Katt Williams & SLAMS Steve Harvey for STEALING ALL His Jokes!


Comedian Mark Curry recently voiced his grievances about fellow comic Steve Harvey, alleging he had stolen his jokes, in a show of unity with another comic, Katt Williams. This came as a shock to the comedy world and presented a scandal that seemed straight from a sitcom itself. The situation in which Harvey found himself spotlighted the issue of joke theft – a serious crime in the laughter business that could be likened to intellectual property theft.

Speaking with a sense of hurt and frustration, Curry shared his accusations in a recent interview, saying, “Harvey took my material, my crafted jokes without even the courtesy of acknowledgement.


” His words rang with the sting of betrayal, revealing his resentment at being denied both recognition and potential opportunities in the industry.


All the while, Katt Williams stood at Curry’s side, nodding in sympathy and tacitly showing his support and solidarity. Together, they painted a picture of unity among comedians against this alleged joke theft, a scandal that turns the spotlight on the delicate issue of ethics and integrity in the comedy business.

Meanwhile, in the face of these accusations, Steve Harvey has maintained a stoic silence.

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