LeBron James’ Iconic Tattoos: The Untold Stories

Still, the King is playing, and even though he might not be playing up to his high standards,

his level of play is better than most of the other players in the league.

On top of being a great basketball player, LeBron is one of the most influential players we’ve ever seen.



LeBron speaks out on social injustices, using his voice to spread positive vibes. He’s a great husband and father who sets a good example for all husbands and fathers out there.

LeBron loves his family, and he loves the game of basketball. What he also loves is tattoos, as he is reported to have 26 tattoos on his body. Many of those tattoos reference the things mentioned above that LeBron loves in his life.

What Are LeBron’s Tattoos And Their Meanings?

LeBron James is no stranger to the needle. As mentioned, the King has 26 tattoos, all with special meanings. Next, we will go through each of LeBron’s tattoos and explain their meanings.

Chosen 1 Tattoo – LeBron has “Chosen 1” tattooed in large letters on his upper back.

Meaning – The tattoo references his first feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated, where he was dubbed “The Chosen One.”

Crowned Lion King James’ Tattoo – A crowned lion on his right bicep.

Meaning – During LeBron’s first NBA season, he inked “King” on the top, and “James” on the bottom to showcase himself as the King, which is his nickname.

Meaning – After LeBron’s playoff run in the 2006 playoffs, Nike started a campaign where they used the word “Witness” to refer to people witnessing his greatness. LeBron honored his game and where it was going with the slogan.

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