LeBron James Deletes Tweets Reacting To Bronny James Being Removed From ESPN’s 2024 NBA Mock Draft

LeBron James had an impassioned response on Twitter to seeing Bronny be removed from ESPN’s 2024 Draft Board, but he deleted his tweets.

LeBron James sent out two tweets after Bronny was removed from ESPN’s 2024 Draft Board, tweets that James quickly deleted after sharing. James has over 50 million followers on X, so naturally, multiple people have already seen and saved what James said about letting Bronny enjoy college basketball.

“Can y’all please just let the kid be a kid and enjoy college basketball? The work and results will ultimately do the talking no matter what he decides to do. If y’all don’t know he doesn’t care what a mock draft says, he just works! Earned Not Given!”

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LeBron James Bronny Draft

Credit: Bleacher Report/X

James also said that mock drafts aren’t important but the work one puts in does matter.

“And to all the other kids out there striving to be great just keep your head down, blinders on, and keep grinding. These Mock Drafts don’t matter one bit! I promise you! Only the work matters!! Let’s talk real basketball people!”

LeBron James Bronny Draft

Credit: Bleacher Report/X

Bronny is having a tough freshman season with the USC Tigers, averaging 5.5 points on 37.1% shooting this season. While he’s shown flashes of great play, he has looked outmatched for most of his time in college and hasn’t been able to make an impact. Given the lofty plans of Bronny entering the NBA next season, LeBron could be tweeting because a spanner has been thrown in those plans.

It seems Bronny may benefit best with another year in college. His preparation for this season was ruined when he suffered a cardiac arrest last summer. It’s already a wonderful story to see Bronny return to the court as quickly as he did. But he shouldn’t rush into the NBA, as another year in college may be the ideal route for Bronny to develop his game.

LeBron James Claimed Bronny Could Play In The NBA

LeBron is a proud father, but he’s set Bronny up with some extremely tall comments in the last two seasons. He’s repeatedly said that Bronny would be a contributor to the Lakers this season if he was in the NBA, while also once saying that Bronny is better than a lot of players in the league already.

After making such tall claims, LeBron might have involuntarily set Bronny up for harsher criticism. Bronny’s 3-and-D skill set could theoretically fit on any NBA team and may be better for the league than for the NCAA. Nonetheless, his numbers are showing he’s not having any real impact on the games that USC plays.

ESPN currently expects Bronny to be a second-round pick in 2025, a big fall from when ESPN themselves were calling Bronny a lottery talent. He has also been given favorable NBA comparisons such as De’Anthony Melton and Jrue Holiday. If he does live up to that comparison, he would be a great addition to any NBA team.

It’ll be interesting to see what the James family does now. Unless Bronny has a resurgence during the NCAA tournament, it’ll be tough for him to justify leaving college for the NBA. But if LeBron wants his son in the league to get a chance to play alongside him, it’s fair to assume that Bronny declares for the Draft regardless of what people think or say.

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