LeBron James Admits Difficulty in Solving Nuggets Puzzle After Eighth Consecutive Loss

LeBron James Voices Frustration as Lakers Struggle Against Nuggets

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Following yet another defeat at the hands of the Denver Nuggets, LeBron James candidly acknowledged the LA Lakers’ ongoing struggles against the defending champions. The Lakers’ woes against the Nuggets date back to December 16, 2022, marking their eighth consecutive loss to the formidable opponents.

In a reflective postgame interview, James highlighted the Nuggets’ consistent dominance over the Lakers throughout the past year, expressing his desire to find a solution to their formidable rivals. Despite controlling the game in the first half, the Lakers faltered in the second half, allowing Denver to narrow the gap and ultimately seize control in the final minutes.

“I just want to be better,” James said. “I just want to figure out a way how we can be better versus this team. They have our number.”

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“We haven’t beaten them in quite a while, and it’s always kind of the fourth quarter either the last six minutes or last few minutes of the game where they make plays. We don’t make plays, and that could be frustrating on its own right.”

James expressed frustration at the Lakers’ inability to close out games against the Nuggets, pinpointing crucial moments in the fourth quarter where Denver consistently outperforms them. The Lakers’ inability to execute down the stretch has been a recurring issue, leading to their prolonged losing streak against Denver.

The Lakers’ struggles against the Nuggets began in January 9, 2022, and have persisted, culminating in a sweep during last season’s Western Conference finals. Denver’s ability to capitalize on pivotal occasions has been evident, with the Lakers falling short despite close contests until the final moments.

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Notably, the Nuggets have dampened significant occasions for the Lakers this season, including a humbling defeat on opening night and another setback on the day of Kobe Bryant’s statue unveiling outside Crypto.com Arena.

Even on a historic night for James, who became the first player in NBA history to reach 40,000 points, the Nuggets maintained their composure and secured victory when it mattered most, further emphasizing their dominance over the Lakers in critical situations.


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